Non-stop innovation - Our competitive edge

Innovation is fundamental to our success. We are constantly seeking new exciting opportunities to advance our company and keep ourselves at the head of the industry for the benefit of our clients.

To remain a leader in our markets, our innovation strategy is based on developing cutting-edge technologies and highly effective R&D. While developing our own IP is crucial, we also integrate this with third-party solutions when it will add value to our customers

  • More than 82 patents

  • 80% of our turnover coming from products developed in the last 5 years

We foster innovation within our company

Several strategies guarantee and maximise the innovation focus in our workforce, including:

  • An ‘Innovation Room’ at our headquarters

  • ‘TechDays’: keynote speakers come in to share and discuss their insights into the latest technology

  • ‘TechTalks’ with renowned technology leaders 

  • A company-wide ideation tool to stimulate creative thinking and idea sharing. 

We collaborate with leading technologists

Televic can rely on a Technology Board of experts drawn from leading companies around the world. They meet with our R&D teams to exchange ideas and ‘roadmap’ the future on a quarterly basis. 

Partnerships with universities, research centers and our industrial partners on joint research projects ensure we remain a forerunner in our areas.

Get inspired by some of Televic's innovations

Televic Conference: Award-winning E-Ink Nameplate

To make it easier and faster to prepare meetings, Televic Conference developed a solution to replace paper nameplates: an E-Ink Nameplate. By combining electronic ink with a thoughtful double-sided design and even a button to request to speak, Televic Conference fused new technology with user-friendliness.

The result? The Plixus Nameplate received the three most prestigious design awards: the iF Design Award, German Design Awards, and the Red Dot Design Award.

Televic Rail: Optimise the travel experience

The TraPIST technology, recently developed together with iMinds and the Catholic University of Leuven, is now integrated in Televic Rail Passenger Information System.

This intelligent data framework optimises the travel experience of a traveler by proactively providing him with up-to-date and tailor-made travel information, all at the right moment.


Televic Healthcare: First full IP nurse call system with touchscreen

interAxio is the Televic Healthcare full-IP nurse call platform. By integrating the latest technological developments, we were able to offer our clients the first ever full IP nurse call system with touch screen.

Today Televic is still the only company that offer nurses this functionality in a combination of a hand set with touch screen.

Televic Education: Revolutionary translation software solution

The latest innovative technology that Televic Education has developed is translationQ. This new tool is considered a revolutionary invention in the world of translation and translation teaching.

The tool offers interpreters and their tutors, when deployed in a class room environment, a fully automated translation evaluation tool maximising correctness, speed, objectivity and efficiency.