Non-stop innovation - Our competitive edge

Innovation is fundamental to our success. We are constantly seeking new exciting opportunities to advance our company and keep ourselves at the head of the industry for the benefit of our clients.

To remain a leader in our markets, our innovation strategy is based on developing cutting-edge technologies and highly effective R&D. While developing our own IP is crucial, we also integrate this with third-party solutions when it will add value to our customers

  • More than 90 patents

  • 80% of our turnover coming from products developed in the last 5 years

We foster innovation within our company

Several strategies guarantee and maximise the innovation focus in our workforce, including:

  • An ‘Innovation Room’ at our headquarters

  • ‘TechDays’: keynote speakers come in to share and discuss their insights into the latest technology

  • ‘TechTalks’ with renowned technology leaders 

  • A company-wide ideation tool to stimulate creative thinking and idea sharing. 

We collaborate with leading technologists

Televic can rely on a Technology Board of experts drawn from leading companies around the world. They meet with our R&D teams to exchange ideas and ‘roadmap’ the future on a quarterly basis. 

Partnerships with universities, research centers and our industrial partners on joint research projects ensure we remain a forerunner in our areas.

Get inspired by Televic's latest innovation stories

Televic Conference: New Confidea FLEX G4 wireless

As meetings become more versatile and meeting solutions demand greater flexibility, Televic Conference launches its flagship solution in a renewed and wireless version: Confidea FLEX 4th generation wireless. A solution that offers unparalleled versatility and flexibility in the number of participants, conferencing options over different rooms and meeting configurations that are 100% cable- and worry-free with pristine audio quality.

Design-wise, the Confidea FLEX G4 Wireless solution continues on the road paved by its wired predecessor. A very deliberate choice, as this existing design was among the happy few to convince the jurors of the Red Dot awards.

Televic Rail: How data collection is helping in the battle against Covid-19

The Covid pandemic has brought monitoring technologies to the fore and, more specifically, systems to analyse and manage train loading, seat occupancy and passenger flows. These technologies produce vast amounts of data that can help to manage passenger flows, facilitate social distancing and reassure passengers. To handle all this data, you can rely on Televic Rail’s Data Collection module. 

Televic Healthcare: Increase your healthcare team's efficiency, patient/resident comfort and safety for all

AQURA is the newest wireless communication platform by Televic Healthcare. Making residents, patients and nurses feel safe with wireless tags and call units. AQURA makes it possible to call at any time, in any place. The intelligence of the AQURA platform will distribute alarms to the right person, depending on location, regime and priority.

Televic Education: Seamless learning

Our Televic Education team is proud to be a partner of the AIDA project. This project will tackle challenges such as user adaptation and creating personalised questions by conducting further research into e-learning, e-assessment, system usage visualization, natural language processing and transparent artificial intelligence models. 

Creating exercises and tests is a heavy burden for teachers that could be lifted using artificial intelligence. However, challenges remain. Creating personalized questions at the right difficulty levels is technically complex, for instance, and user adoption – for teachers and students alike – isn’t always a walk in the park. The project will also create an AI-driven tool for evaluation in secondary school e-assessment and e-learning in higher education.