Non-stop innovation - Our competitive edge

Innovation is fundamental to our success. We are constantly seeking new exciting opportunities to advance our company and keep ourselves at the head of the industry for the benefit of our clients.

To remain a leader in our markets, our innovation strategy is based on developing cutting-edge technologies and highly effective R&D. While developing our own IP is crucial, we also integrate this with third-party solutions when it will add value to our customers

  • More than 82 patents

  • 80% of our turnover coming from products developed in the last 5 years

We foster innovation within our company

Several strategies guarantee and maximise the innovation focus in our workforce, including:

  • An ‘Innovation Room’ at our headquarters

  • ‘TechDays’: keynote speakers come in to share and discuss their insights into the latest technology

  • ‘TechTalks’ with renowned technology leaders 

  • A company-wide ideation tool to stimulate creative thinking and idea sharing. 

We collaborate with leading technologists

Televic can rely on a Technology Board of experts drawn from leading companies around the world. They meet with our R&D teams to exchange ideas and ‘roadmap’ the future on a quarterly basis. 

Partnerships with universities, research centers and our industrial partners on joint research projects ensure we remain a forerunner in our areas.

Get inspired by Televic's latest innovations

Televic Conference: Award-winning E-Ink Nameplate

To make it easier and faster to prepare meetings, Televic Conference developed a solution to replace paper nameplates: an E-Ink Nameplate. By combining electronic ink with a thoughtful double-sided design and even a button to request to speak, Televic Conference fused new technology with user-friendliness.

The result? The Plixus Nameplate received the three most prestigious design awards: the iF Design Award, German Design Awards, and the Red Dot Design Award.

Televic Rail: Make sense of sensor data

The role of sensors in the rail industry has taken on an unprecedented importance. But often, the sheer amount of data can be overwhelming, often burying insights and underlying trends. 

To understand and facilitate how we can help to make the most of this data, Televic Rail was pleased to be a part of the DyVerSIFy project. Along with industry players we developed software components and methodologies in the domains of dynamic visualization, adaptive anomaly detection and scalability to drive dynamic, adaptive and scalable sensor analytics.

Televic Healthcare: Improving quality of life among seniors dementia

The number of people living with dementia worldwide is currently estimated at 50 million and will almost triple by 2050 (WHO, 2019). Among those suffering from dementia, wandering (getting lost and disoriented) is a common and dangerous behaviour. As you can imagine, this can be overwhelming for the people it affects, but also for caregivers and families. 

Televic Healthcare's latest innovation helps to ease the burden of dementia. How? Our unique localization technology is an ethical approach to keeping those with dementia safe. With a simple wearable, residents of an elderly care facility are able to move freely, with automatic actions in place, like closing an access door. Ultimately, this technology fosters an environment of trust, freedom and independence. 

Televic Education: Seamless learning

The demand for digital learning is at an ultimate high. Televic Education's latest innovation, assessmentQ, is a comprehensive online platform for interactive workforce learning and high-stakes exams. 

AssessmentQ enables providers and learners to assess knowledge and skills, prepare for certification and accreditation and deliver corporate assessments or high school exams.

The platform provides a 21st century approach to online evaluation with innovative question types for cognitive and performance-based testing, problem-solving, verbal and listening skills.