Job domains

Software engineer Televic

Engineer – Software

At Televic we build complex but reliable software. Our software engineers put the needs of our clients in effective tools.

Hardwarre engineer Televic

Engineer – Hardware

Use logics and choose for the most qualitative solution. Our hardware engineers are constantly looking for the right balance between technologie en ease of use.

Product management Televic

Product Management

Our Product Managers guarantee that the our solutions meet the complexe needs of our clients. That's how we innovate and grow.

Project management Televic

Project Management

Through planning and keen budget management our project managers successfully organise our challenging projects.

After Sales Televic

After Sales

Our service team is in charge of testing, maintenance and reparations. That's how we ensure that we only implement high quality products in our systems.

Supply Chain Televic

Supply Chain Operations

Our supply chain operators keep our production going and ensure that our processes are both effective as efficient.

Warehousing Televic


Our warehousing team constantly looks for ways to improve the maintenance and organisation of our warehouses. They keep our aspirations to grow going like that.

Sales and Marketing Televic

Sales & Marketing

Through research, networking en managing the Televic brand, our Sales and Marketing people take our business to the next level.

Strategy Televic

Business strategy

Business Strategy supports the growth of our corporate department and our four business units.

Finance Televic


When a company is in full expansion, a strong command of finance is important. Our finance department not only looks back, but also looks to the future.

Admin Televic


A growing company? Then it's very important not to overlook the customer. Our administrative team keeps our customers' needs at the forefront and ensures they remain happy.

IT Televic

Information Technology

IT is constantly looking for ways to optimise the systems and processes within our company. In that way they create opportunities for innovation within Televic.

HR Televic

Human Resources

Our HR team puts the needs of our customers and employees at the center. They support the different divisions so these can focus on their core business.