Life at Televic

Fully digitize a paper process, change the educational landscape and motivate students, develop integrated systems for NATO and synchronise rail traffic ... At Televic you work on communication that really matters.

How do we do that? By making optimal use of the talents of our people, stimulating ideas and building on innovative technologies. This combination is what makes us strong. Because Televic is an environment where colleagues can learn from one another.

At Televic everyone gets the freedom to do their job. That’s why we are looking for people with the right drive. Our driving force? Having a targeted impact on the success of projects.

Rail, Healthcare, Education and Conference. We want to be the number one internationally in our four niche markets. With innovative products in major markets, with giant projects where we always deliver the requested quality. Because at Televic we are all entrepreneurs.

I’ve been working for Televic for two years now. And those two years have been really great. Why? You just work here in a really great team. Not just within Televic Rail, but also in the whole of Televic. That’s something they invest in.

I have really great colleagues I can hang out with, but who I can also seriously work with. And that is a good balance.


Отне ми малко време да свикна с работата в Televic. Но скоро открих обществената значимост на това, което правим тук.

Ние влагаме ентусиазъм и целеустременост във всеки проект. Защото на практика всеки в Televic се стреми именно към това