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Manage meetings right from your own browser, the Confero platform is entirely web-based! From simple room setup and meeting control to advanced planning, camera configuration and hybrid meeting management, Confero can be a modular or all-in-one meeting management solution.

No Installation

Confero is completely web-based, just use your web browser

End-to-End Encryption

Security guranteed with personal login on standard browsers

Real Interactions

Focus on active speaker and ongoing discussion topic


Confero 360

Confero 360 is Televic’s solution for easy room setup and meeting control, right from the Plixus central unit’s web page. Its intuitive interface allows a chairperson or operator to control the meeting, microphones and voting, as well as view the meeting report after the meeting.

Ref. 71.98.3000

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Discover the Confero 360 interface

Confero 360 interface 1
Confero interface 2
Confero interface 3
Confero interface 4
Confero interface 5
Confero interface 6
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Confero interface 9


Confero PLAN

Confero PLAN

Confero PLAN is a solution for preparing meetings in advance directly on the Confero Cloud platform: create and manage a participants database, set up meeting templates, and publish meetings with structured agendas and voting items integrated upfront. The Confero 360 functionalities are already included.

Ref. 71.98.3101 (1 year)
Ref. 71.98.3102 (2 years)
Ref. 71.98.3103 (3 years)
Ref. 71.98.3104 (4 years)
Ref. 71.98.3105 (5 years)

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Confero CAM

Confero CAM

Confero CAM is is a hands-free camera director application within the Confero Cloud platform to enhance your hybrid meeting experience. With minimal hardware and no prior software installation needed, the web-based application will allow you to easily configure up to 8 PTZ IP cameras and define multiple room layouts upfront from anywhere.

Ref. 71.98.3120

List of cameras currently supported: Angekis IP-20FHD6-BM, Aver CAM520Pro2, Avonic CM70, Lumens AV-A50P,  Lumens VC-A50P, Lumens VC-A51P, Panasonic AW-HN40

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Confero MEET

confero meet

Confero MEET is Televic’s solution for organizing and managing hybrid meetings. It allows you to easily invite delegates to participate in a meeting, either in person or remotely, from their home or office, using a standard web browser.

Ref. 71.98.3111 (1 year subscription per concurrent remote participants)
Ref. 71.98.3112 (2 years subscription per concurrent remote participants)
Ref. 71.98.3113 (3 years subscription per concurrent remote participants)
Ref. 71.98.3114 (4 years subscription per concurrent remote participants)
Ref. 71.98.3115 (5 years subscription per concurrent remote participants)

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Specially designed for hybrid meetings

Whether you are participating physically or remotely, Confero MEET guarantees the same meeting experience for everyone.

Confero knowledgebase

Want to get the most out of your Confero Cloud Solution(s) ? Find all the information in the Confero knowledgebase!

Confero knowledgebase


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