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Electronic Nameplate

The Plixus Nameplate makes it easy to read, display, and update participant information in an ultra-thin design with minimal power consumption.

Plixus Nameplate

Plixus Nameplate

The Plixus Nameplate saves time, money and manual labor by replacing paper nameplates thanks to the E Ink technology for optimal legibility and minimal eye strain. It allows for crisp text with high contrast and a maximum viewing angle (180°). E Ink also guarantees minimal power consumption, and the information on the display can be retained if the nameplate is powered off. Finally, the Plixus Nameplate display eliminates reflection and flicker, even when filmed or broadcast.

Two models of the Plixus Nameplate are available: single-sided (Plixys Nameplate NP-1) and double-sided (Plixus Nameplate NP). The double-sided nameplate can display information on both sides, independently.

Participants can request to speak with a button at the base and see an indication of the status through a LED strip on top. The Nameplate Manager software provides user-friendly and flexible options to save time and speed up meetings: users can easily and quickly configure the contents of the display, from participant names, over logos, to combinations of participant names and titles. A participant’s information can even be displayed automatically when they insert a badge for identification. Templates even allow for quick configuration.

Download datasheets:

Plixus Nameplate NP-1 (71.98.2050)

Plixus Nameplate NP (71.98.2051)

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Nameplate display 1
Nameplate display 2
Nameplate configuration 1
Nameplate configuration 2
Nameplate configuration 3
Nameplate configuration 4