Language Distribution


Language Distribution

Use infrared language distribution to reach every member in the audience in their native language. Lingua IR is easy to set up, flexible to configure, and highly secure. Combining it with the Lingua Interpreter Desk makes multilingual meetings a breeze.

Save Time

Install quickly, configure easily, and get everything up and running in no time. No expert IR skills required.

Get Full Digital Sound

Enjoy all the benefits of network audio with Dante. That's crisp sound, from source to receiver.

Work Smarter

Forget difficult calculations with patented Automatic Delay Line Compensation. And get intelligent info with a smart charging tray.

Infrared Language Distribition

Lingua T transmitter

Lingua Transmitter

Enjoy fully networked digital audio with Dante, from source to receiver, and easily expand from 6 to 12 or 40 channels with a license upgrade. Use the web server for easy configuration with fine-grained channel display controls. Fully standards compliant with IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914.

Download datasheet:

Lingua T

(71.98.0215 - 6 channels)
(71.98.0216 - Lingua L12: 12 channels)
(71.98.0218 - Lingua L40: 40 channels)

Lingua RAD_H radiator

Lingua Radiator

Get all infrared signals across with great clarity and wide coverage with Lingua RAD_H. Easily installed and quickly set up, this compact and lightweight device, combined with a variety of mounting options make mobile installations a breeze. Just set the radiators, configure the system, and enjoy crisp sound for all participants. A VESA wall mount can be purchased separately.

Download datasheets:

Lingua RAD_H (71.98.0220)

Lingua RAD Mount (71.98.0225)

Lingua IR

Lingua Receiver

Lingua RX makes it easy for participants to receive 6 or 12 or 40 channels in a beautifully design. Easy switches on the sides allow selection of channels and volume adjustment on a clear OLED display. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides 20 h of autonomy, more than enough for extended meetings.

Download datasheet:

Lingua RX

(71.98.0205 - 6 channels)
(71.98.0206 - 12 channels)
(71.98.0208 - 40 channels)

Battery Management

Lingua CHC charging case

Lingua Charging Case

Lingua CHC easily charges and transports up to 64 Lingua Receivers. Use the built-in smart web server to get detailed Receiver management information and software updates.

Download datasheet:

Lingua CHC (71.98.0235)

Lingua BP battery pack

Lingua Battery Pack

Additional Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack to use with the Lingua receiver. The batteries have over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit protection. The autonomy is about 20 hours. The minimum order quantity is 6 batteries.

Download datasheet:

Lingua BP (71.98.0234)