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Discussion Only

A wired digital discussion system intended for small or medium-sized conference rooms. 

D-Cerno is a wired digital discussion system intended for small or medium-sized conference rooms. Designed to work right of the box by simply connecting all units to the central engine, it stands out because of its digital technology, out-of-the-box redundancy, elegant design and user-friendliness. Whether you go for tabletop or flushmount units, enjoy the benefits of large discussion systems in a simple and easy-to-use package.


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Plug & Play

Patent-protected redundancy. Just connect all units in daisy chain to the central unit, no initialization required.

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Your conference system feels right at home with D-Cerno low profile, quiet operation and clickless button sounds.

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Digital & Shielded

Fully digital system with perfect sound and a shielded microphone to stop mobile phone interference.

D-Cerno SL

With its sleek and compact form factor, this unit is free from mobile phone interference and has great digital sound quality. It comes with tactile buttons, braille indicators, headphones connections and volume control. The chairperson units have dedicated functionalities with Next-in-line and Priority buttons. The microphone is removable (different lengths available, to be ordered separately) and the cable connections are concealed for a neat look.

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Download datasheets:

D-Cerno D-SL (71.98.0306)

D-Cerno C-SL (71.98.0307)


Televic Conference D-cerno F-DM F-CM conference technology


With its sleek and discreet design, D-Cerno F-DM is a digital microphone flushmount panel intended for basic discussion systems that offers crystal-clear sound and excellent intelligibility. Its small form factor, housed in an elegant casing, permits minimalistic integration into any meeting room furniture. The panel has an on/off tactile microphone push button with integrated LED for mic status. The chairperson unit, D-Cerno F-CM, also gets extra functionalities with Next-in-line and Priority buttons. A screw-lock connector allows to fit a removable microphone (different lengths available, to be ordered separately). The system is designed to work out-of-the-box, with hardly any technical expertise required.

Download datasheets:

D-Cerno F-DM (71.98.0311)

D-Cerno F-CM (71.98.0312)


televic conference D-Cernu CUR conference technology

D-Cerno CUR

With D-Cerno CUR, make your central unit blend in and perform perfectly by connecting up to 50 D-Cerno units. The central unit includes an integrated web server for remote control through tablet or smartphone, and integration of a camera-tracking system is possible as well. Thanks to 2 USB connectors on the front, the D-Cerno CUR can quickly and easily record meeting sessions.

Download datasheet:

D-Cerno CU-R (71.98.0321)

televic conference D-Cerno PS conference technology

D-Cerno PS

The D-Cerno PS is a 48 VDC / 180 W spare power supply. It comes with a built-in indicator light on the front.

Donwload datasheet:

D-Cerno PS (71.98.0307)

Televic Conference Confidea Flex TC Discussion System


D-Cerno SL TC is a high quality storage case for a complete D-Cerno SL system, including 12 units, a central unit, a power supply, 12 microphones (30, 40 or 50 cm) and all cables. The foam inlays have been laser cut, making a perfect fit for the equipment and offering maximum protection against dust and impacts.

Download datasheet:

D-Cerno SL TC (71.98.0333)

inspiring projects

Control Room for Army Project, Thailand Televic Conference Discussion System

Control Room for Army Project, Thailand

Chunghua Telecom, Taiwan Televic Conference Discussion System

Chunghua Telecom, Taiwan

Central European University, Hungary, Televic Conference Discussion System

Central European University, Hungary

CENAFFIF, Tunisia, Televic Conference Discussion System


Holiday Inn, Vilnius, Lithuania,Televic Conference Discussion System

Holiday Inn, Vilnius, Lithuania

Ministry of Defense, New Delhi, India, Televic Conference Discussion System

Ministry of Defense, New Delhi, India

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