Toyota and Mitsubishi Motors in Japan

Enhancing Factory Tours: Unite System at Toyota and Mitsubishi Motors in Japan


The Unite system has become a game-changer for factory tours at Toyota's high-tech plant in Toyota City, Japan. As the country's biggest car manufacturer, Toyota attracts car enthusiasts and those interested in Japan's industrial development.

English language tours at the Toyota Kaikan Museum offer an in-depth look at the entire production process. The Unite system's noise cancellation feature has proven to be invaluable in providing clear communication to tour participants amidst the usual noisy factory environment. 

A clean look and optimal communication
Besides Toyota, Mitsubishi Motors was also looking for a clean and uncluttered setup, which was made possible with the Unite system's one access point. The Unite system's ability to handle English language tours seamlessly and provide clear audio throughout the tour has made it an ideal choice for factory visitors. By using the Unite system, both Toyota and Mitsubishi Motors have significantly enhanced their factory tours, offering an immersive and informative experience to car enthusiasts and visitors from around the world.

Clear Communication in noisy environments
The Unite system has proved to be the perfect communication solution for factory tours at Toyota and Mitsubishi Motors in Japan. With its noise cancellation capability, the Unite transmitters ensure that tour participants can hear their guides clearly, even in the noisy factory environment. Toyota's high-tech plants and Mitsubishi Motors' facility have both benefited from the Unite system's ease of use and clean setup. These installations have elevated the factory tour experience.


One access point





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