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Gain more knowledge about Televic's advanced conferencing solutions. Consult past and upcoming webinars or watch videos about our hardware and software solutions.


With an ongoing series of webinars, we keep you up to speed with what's going on in the wonderful world of conferencing. Watch the full recordings of our past webinars, or register your seat in one or more of the upcoming sessions.


Webinar 10/03/22
Smart audio enhancements



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Webinar 02/02/22
Hybrid meetings for government applications 


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Webinar 01/02/22
Confidea G4



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Webinar 31/01/22
The Televic Portfolio



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Webinar 15/07/21
Televic Advanced Integration Features



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Webinar 05/06/22
Efficient Council Meetings




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Webinar 19/09/22

Webinar combining wired & wireless conference solutions



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