AVIDAnet Interpreter

Interpreter training system

AVIDAnet Interpreter is an advanced interpreter training system combining learning resources with professional interpreting equipment. The intuitive software can capture student performances during classes, live conferences and examinations.

With the Lingua Interpreter Desk, they get trained using the same equipment they will be using in their professional environment.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE AVIDAnet Interpreter

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Real-life environment

With AVIDAnet Interpreter you can recreate real-life environments along with the pedagogical tools required to teach and evaluate students.

All sources

Use any live, analogue, or digital learning materials to train the next generation of interpreters.

Simultaneous & consecutive

Let future interpreters practice their skills for simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and for liaison interpreting.

Booth cams

Use booth cams to monitor facial expressions, note-taking and various physical clues. With this visual facility, you can also effectively train sign language interpreting.




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