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Nurse call & workflow triggers

Different approaches depending on your specific care organization

Wired and wireless nurse call solutions 

Our AQURA Care platform consists of different building blocks, such as AQURA Essentials: our entry level nurse call system. Upgrade from AQURA Essentials to our AQURA Care platform, while keeping your installed products in use. Thus resulting in a long-term investment protection, whichever way you start. 

Through our wired and wireless nurse call solutions, a good communication between patient/resident and caregiver is set up. These solutions can trigger workflows to automate care processes and unburden care professionals. 

Buttons as triggers

AQURA Essentials units

AQURA Essentials


Discover AQURA Essentials, our serverless and wired nurse call system, where quality meets price. As the needs of your organization change, AQURA Essentials grows with you. At any time you can upgrade to the full AQURA care platform which can be wired, (fixed) wireless or a combination, while keeping your installed products in use. 

Why choose AQURA Essentials?

  • Reliable & safe nurse call system
  • User-friendly for nurse, technician (plug-and-play), patient & resident
  • Innovative thanks to the advanced technology & design
  • Robust high quality materials designed for care & cure environments
  • Upgradable to the full AQURA Care platform

Discover AQURA Essentials

AQURA Care platform 

Wired, wireless or combined 

Designed to suit our ever-faster changing world, AQURA is scalable and upgradable, giving you a complete solution, now and in the future. AQURA Care platform:

  • wired, wireless or combined solutions  
  • open communication platform: integrate with sensors, fall detection solutions, smart beds, electronic health records 
  • modular building blocks: combine nurse call, alarm distribution, personal alarming with indoor localization

Why choose AQURA Care?

  • A single user interface
  • One overview with all alarms & events, even from third party devices
  • Get insights and make better, data-driven decisions

 Discover the AQURA Care platform

Televic Healthcare R-communicator


Fixed wireless nurse call sytem

Our fixed wireless nurse call system is built around our patented infrastructure of
R-communicators, which form an RF-network. These are very easy to install (power over ethernet) and can be directly connected to the existing IT-network.

Once the wireless infrastructure is set up, you can easily combine personal alarming with a fixed wireless nurse call system.

Learn more about our wireless infrastructure

From wired to wireless: Keep your inFrastructure 

Input extender makes a button wireless

Workflow triggers 

Touch unit with Mifare and badge

Smart touch unit with Mifare authentication

A modular interface: click on alarms and directly initiate an intercom call, launch a workflow and trigger domotics.
Easy and quick authentication of staff with Mifare improving safety and insights.



Our 10 inch terminal easily connects caregivers to information that matters: from resident information provided by integrated care records, to overviews of prioritized alarms. The supported workflows help automatize repetitive care tasks and thus unburden care professionals.

New push pear

Push pear & handsets

Providing an easy accessible alarm button and access to domotics and entertainment.