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From isolated to integrated

In the past a nurse call system was an exclusive system at the point of care. Today the nurse call system has evolved from an isolated to an integrated system with alarm notification, collaboration & communication and workflow automation. 

The AQURA Care platform was built with the vision to integrate with an ecosystem of complementary technologies. The openness of the platform allows to integrate with third parties, legacy systems through connectors and API. 

The AQURA mobile application consolidates all events and alarms from Televic and third parties into one single application. Driving efficiency and easiness of use.

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Benefits for you 

All data is stored in one platform

Consolidation of all the alarms and events in one application

Seamless integration into the AQURA mobile app

Televic Healthcare prioritization of alarms

​​​​​​Care registration

Optimize your workflows with our intelligent alarm distribution software. Our platform secures the information flow between nurse call systems and professional mobile devices for hospitals or nursing homes.  Furthermore our intelligent alarm distribution software allows any alarm to be transferred elsewhere whenever your hands are full.