Verpleegster lokalisatie van een oproep met Televic AQURA


Personal alarming & room level accurate localization

Easy tailored to individual needs

Televic Healthcare AQURA Care platform real time localization


DETERMINE THE EXACT LOCATION OF patients, residents and nurses

AQURA uses accurate localization through wireless wearables in combination with automatic door control. This way users can still enjoy maximum freedom of movement. The AQURA tags allow patients, residents and nurses to activate a personal alarm to request help from anywhere in the facility.

Our patented technology combines RF, magnetic induction and ultrasound. This guarantees intramural room level accuracy. The system offers an answer to the rapidly evolving requirements for the safety and freedom of movement of residents, patients and staff within the care and cure market.

unique room accurate indoor localization

    Indoor localization with room level accuracy

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    Televic Healthcare AQURA Care platform real time localization through a wireless tag

    Benefits of our tag 

    • Intuitive to use
    • Pleasant to wear
    • Identical for patients, residents and nurses to avoid stigmatization
    • Easy to assign and configure by nursing staff
    • Easy to program: profiles can be updated in real-time
    • Flexible: one tag evolves with the health condition of a patient/resident
    • Equipped with aggression or panic alarm for nurses
    • Easy to recharge and reuse: tags do not need to be opened, batteries do not need to be replaced
    • Easy for alarm cancelation: simply pair the staff tag with the patient/resident tag. All actions are automatically stored in the history database
    • Water proof (P67), anti-bacterial and shock resistant

    AQURA indoor localization 

    Room accurate localization with real-time updates

    Room based wandering detection with low latency, fast enough to control doors

    Identification allows to trace which nurse helped which patient

    Reliable wireless nurse call functionality

    Wireless infrastructure


    Wireless Infrastructure

    Our personal alarming solution makes use of our patented infrastructure:

    • R-communicator: basic infrastructure for personal alarming & fixed wireless nurse call
    • RM-communicator: only needed for personal alarming with door control 
    • Room beacon: only needed for personal alarming with room level accurate localization 

    Installing cables is reduced to an absolute minimum (only R-communicators with Power Over Ethernet, PoE), which makes AQURA the ideal solution for renovations and temporary sites.

      Televic Healthcare AQURA Care platform real time localization through a wireless tag
      Televic Healthcare AQURA Care platform real time localization
      Televic Healthcare indoor room localization products
      Televic Healthcare assigning a tag
      Televic Healthcare scan a tag
      Televic Healthcare patient pushes on personal tag
      Televic Healthcare nurse localizes resident and scans tag
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