Implementation of a High Resolution LED panel matrix driver in FPGA.

  • Intern
  • Engineer - Embedded
  • Izegem , Belgium
  • Televic Rail
  • 0219-146

In today's new build trams the integration of TFT displays to show real-time connection information or advertisements is standard practice for the interior area's.  However, for exterior facing displays the primary choice are still LED displays with large pitch due to temperature, sunlight readability, cost and shape restrictions.  This limits the content on these exterior displays more or less to static text based messages.   By using high resolution LED panels in combination with high speed scanning, these restrictions can be overcome and could allow dynamic content on a free-shape display on the front of a tram.

The purpose of this thesis is to develop the FPGA code to drive a high resolution LED panel matrix, primarily focusing on 2 use cases :

  • video
  • scrolling text

Key is the flexibility in matrix layout (e.g. up to 8 LED panels in different configurations: square, rectangle, free form, ...) and the ability to perform slow scrolling text without flicker or motion blur.

After defining a suitable architecture that allows to combine images (e.g. zone for video, zone for scrolling text), re-scaling to available resolution, ... an implementation will be made as a Proof of Concept.

An extension (depending on the number of students) is the investigation of color & brightness calibration methods for the LEDs in order to obtain a uniform color for the different pixels.


Nature of the work

  • Level: Master
  • Specialty: Electronics/ Hardware
  • Expected outcome: Research: 30%, Implem. 50%, Experim. 20%
  • Location: Televic
  • Type: Programming, Simulating, Experimenting, Design
  • Number of students: 1 or 2

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