Alstom LINT BOB (Augsburger Netze)

The operator Bayerische Regionalbahn introduced Coradia Lint trains on the Augsburg-Weilheim, Schongau, Ingolstadt, Eichstaedt, and Langenneufnach lines in 2022.


Patrick Wagner, Customer Service Team leader, explains, “For my team and me, it is very important that we can provide to our customers and passengers, information about connections in real-time […] in buses, trams, and subways that are present in Munich and Augsburg. Basically, passenger information is essential to us.”

For that reason, Televic GSP was chosen. The scope of the project includes the new passenger information system, audio communication systems, and video surveillance solutions.

Copyright: BRB


Country Germany
Train builder Alstom
Train operator BRB
Kind of project New build
Number of trains   41
Year 2022                   

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