ODEG - Passenger-WiFi

Cinema on a grand scale in the ODEG

If passengers on the East German Railway Company (ODEG) miss their stop this autumn, that could be the fault of Televic GSP. You see, Televic GSP are kitting out one of the KISS double-decker trains with the newest passenger entertainment solutions. Testing of the free passenger WiFi begins in September 2016 and continues until the end of the year.

The technology makes for entertaining journeys: passengers can stream recent blockbusters, series highlights, audiobooks and music free of charge via a content server. Daily newspapers and magazines can also be accessed on passengers’ smartphones or tablets. Content is provided by the Televic GSP partner company OMDIS and various publishing companies. Internet browsing is provided by a Televic GSP LTE antenna. The field test will be accompanied by a survey, so that the passengers’ wishes and interests can be incorporated into the future media system.

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