INTERNSHIP - Anomaly detection in conference systems

Engineer – Software

Izegem, Belgium

Televic Conference

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Our system is very complex and relies on communication between different services. This is both on software level as on network level. 

It may happen (due to different reasons) that a certain signal is not or too late received, but this is difficult to predict and detect. One could design an anomaly detector that observes data and indicates where a problem arose.

 Different solutions are proposed in literature: Network anomaly detection methods (…), Adversarially Learned Anomaly Detection ( and Azure multivariate anomaly detection (…). 

A literature search can be performed after which such a method can be implemented. Note that one of the largest challenges will be to reliably observe large amounts of data



  • Level: Master
  • Specialty: AI/ML, Anomaly detection
  • Type of work: Research: 30%, Implem.: 40%, Experim.: 30%
  • Location: Televic, University 
  • Type of activities: Design, Literature Study,  Implementation, experimenting, Programming
  • Number of students: 1 or 2


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