INTERNSHIP - Content creation and simulation for LED Displays in railway applications

Engineer – Software

Izegem , Belgium

Televic GSP (Rail)

With over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and maintaining on-board communication and control systems, Televic Rail is a leading, trusted partner for railway operators and train builders worldwide.

Our Passenger Information Systems and Control Systems are high quality, tailor-made solutions that offer the flexibility, user-friendliness and stability that our clients ask for. Our various types of on-board control systems such as our bogie monitoring systems are innovative yet reliable products which are designed specifically for the railway business.

Trains and trams all around the world are equipped with Televic Rail solutions, from New Zealand to Canada, from China to the United States, from India to Belgium, England and France.


For brightness and ambient temperature reasons, LED displays are installed on the exterior side of railway vehicles to show visual information to the passengers.  The readability of the content is crucial for a good passenger experience. 

In order to ensure legible digital signage, several display parameters (such as display technology, brightness, contrast) and the layout of the content need to fulfill certain conditions.  This is regulated in a number of norms or standards. These standards are country dependent.  In addition, different fonts are used for different languages (Arabic, Latin, Chinese, …).  

As the display resolution becomes higher, a well – designed font can make a big difference in visual perception. 

In order to provide an optimal customer experience, Televic Rail wants to enable our customers to change and create their own fonts and to simulate upfront how a certain layout combination will look in reality.  Additionally, a check of the font and layout with the applicable standards makes sure that our customers are always in line with regulations. 

The purpose of this thesis is to develop a user – friendly font editor application which works on base of overlay principle.  This font editor will have the possibility to apply rule-based reasoning in order to ensure legible digital signage.  In addition, an (existing) LED simulator shall be integrated together with this font editor in an overall content management software application to simulate a real-life view on the look & feel.  Also on this level rule-based reasoning will be applied to ensure legible digital signage. 

The following steps are planned:

Font editor assessement

  • Analysis existing font editor and intake of experience
  • Development of a user-friendly approach based on overlay technique

Reasoning assessment

  • Study of applicable norms 
  • Development of an easily configurable and adaptable font rule checker

Integration with content management system.

  • Interfacing with an existing content management system and LED display simulator
  • Extension of the rule checker on display level (contrast, field layout, …)


  • Level: Bachelor
  • Specialty: ICT, electronics
  • Expected outcome: Research: 30%, Implem. 50%, Esperim. 20%
  • Location: School/Televic site
  • Type: Software - object oriented Java, C#, Angular
  • Number of students: 1


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