INTERNSHIP - Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) of assessmentQ data

Engineer – Software

Izegem , Belgium

Televic Education

Televic Education is a world leader in the development of research-based solutions that help solve training, quality, certification, accreditation, permanent evaluation and collaboration challenges in many different industries.

The combination of our in-depth knowledge of specific sectors with scientific research has enabled us to create innovative solutions and to build long-term relationships with our clients that range from governments, educational institutions, hospitals as well as corporates.


assessmentQ ( is a digital exam platform developed and maintained by Televic Education. 250+ customers are using assessmentQ for organizing online and digital (practice) exams.

assessmentQ provides a huge amount of data (exercises and answers). However, not much is known of the contents of this data. As we continue to move towards a more AI centered market, insights in our data are necessary. Your job would be to perform Exploratory Data Analysis on the assessmentQ data and come up with some useful insights and statistics. Example insights are:

  • Most common topics by percentages.
  • Data categories. This will be self-defined categories you will have to derive from the content of the exercise(s).
  • Most used exercises (e.g. by amount of answers provided).
  • A list of mistakes/faulty answers and their frequency for each exercise.
  • A list of correct answers and their frequency for each exercise.
  • Similar exercises (e.g. quasi duplicates from different authors).
  • Most common language used.
  • List of word usage in exercise descriptions.
  • ...

Following up on these insights you might create some datasets relating to certain topics. E.g. a dataset for answers per exercise, with labeling which answers were correct and which were false.


  • Level: Academic Master, Bachelor, Master
  • Specialty: AI / Machine Learning, Software   
  • Type of work: Research: 20%, Implem.: 40%, Experim.: 40%
  • Location: Televic, University
  • Type of activities: Experimenting, Literature study, Programming
  • Number of students: 1 or 2


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