Clone of Clone of Clone of Kombiniertes Webinar zu kabelgebundenen und kabellosen Konferenzlösungen

About this webinar

Confidea FLEX G4: Meet the all-in-one wireless conferencing system of tomorrow. It smartly combines an easy set-up and configuration with the world’s most advanced features in terms of quality and user-friendliness. The touchscreen offers relevant meeting details, such as the agenda, the identity of the speaker, your position in the queue, polls, and much more. Feel free to personalize the layout by adding your logo. But Confidea FLEX G4 doesn’t just look different. It feels different too. For special interactions (e.g., voting procedures), the display uses haptic feedback. When you cast your vote, the system will gently vibrate, recreating the experience of a physical touch. Visually impaired users will enjoy the tactile indicators and the 5 additional navigation guides underneath the screen.

Confidea GO G4: Sometimes, you just want to keep things simple. That is why Confidea GO G4 makes it possible to meet up and connect to any remote platform with a discussion-only unit, without the display. Same look & feel Confidea GO G4 looks exactly like its award-winning twin, Confidea GO G4, but without the display. What is retained? The same jaw-dropping design and the sturdy alloy of zinc and aluminum. No matter how many times you (accidentally) move the microphone, this stable device won’t budge an inch.

Want to have the best of both worlds? Combine the Confidea GO G4 units with Confidea FLEX G4 in one system. The result: a cost-efficient conference set-up, that provides the chairperson with optimal meeting control. For maximum flexibility, you can link the complete wireless solution to a wired conferencing tool.


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