Televic and Infolearn combine their offerings for digital learning and assessment

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Televic and Infolearn combine their offerings for digital learning and assessment

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Integrated solution is new step in building an EdTech ecosystem

Televic and Dutch software company Infolearn have announced to intensify their collaboration. The two companies will integrate their existing educational solutions more tightly, henceforth offering a sustainable end-to-end platform for learning management, online training and evaluation. With their joint offering, they will further build an innovative EdTech ecosystem for the organisation and follow-up of professional training. This will further unburden organisations, increase their agility, and improve the employability of their employees.

More efficient learning through targeted evaluation

Now that lifelong learning is the norm, many companies are looking for a versatile learning and development solution that can support the practical organisation of training on the one hand, and also offers a solution for online training, certification and accreditation based on targeted knowledge measurement on the other. With their bundled offering, Televic and Infolearn now have a strong answer to this.

Additional functionality

"At Infolearn, we have been strongly committed in recent years to developing a total learning and development solution that allows organisations to let all (external) employees learn and develop in one integrated environment. However, our solution offered limited response and content for online practice, in-depth assessment or evaluation. Thanks to the integration with assessmentQ from Televic, we can now offer this additional functionality to our current and future customers," says Saskia Veldhuis - Eichelsheim, Commercial Manager at Infolearn.

Complete ecosystem

"assessmentQ is a versatile platform that can be used 'standalone' without any problem, but bundled with an advanced system like Infolearn's, it obviously offers even more value for HR and L&D departments, managers and employees. This is why we at Televic are strongly committed to collaborating with all leading LMS providers including Infolearn. This fits completely in our strategy to build a fully-fledged EdTech ecosystem around assessmentQ," says Joris Vanholme, General Manager at Televic Education. "

About Infolearn

Infolearn's learning and development solution is user-friendly software that allows organisations to let all employees, volunteers, students and externals learn and develop in one integrated environment. All possible learning interventions get a place in this solution and can be managed 24/7. The SaaS solution is independent, proven and has a progressive roadmap, which customers and prospects can directly influence. Find out more at

About Televic Education

Televic Education is a world leader in developing smart solutions for training, evaluation, certification, accreditation and collaboration in many different industries. Based on years of know-how in educational technology, Televic has created 'assessmentQ': the most versatile and reliable SaaS platform for training and exams that matter. Find out more about Televic Education and the assessmentQ platform at and


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