Antwerp University Hospital


Flexible internal training using the assessmentQ platform

About the Antwerp University Hospital

The Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) is an academic centre renowned for leading clinical and customer-friendly patient care, high-quality academic education and ground-breaking scientific research with a major international dimension.

With over 570 beds, the hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services. Offering comprehensive care for patients with complex disorders, over 400 physicians specializing in 38 different fields treat more than 650.000 patients every year. About 3000 employees work at UZA.

Project details

Antwerp University Hospital uses assessmentQ for several internal trainings such as the yearly fire safety training. This way all employees are and remain aware of the safety procedures at UZA. The hospital intends to convert several existing classroom trainings to e-learning in the future as well. 

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Thanks to assessmentQ our staff is aware of the safety procedures at Antwerp University Hospital at all times.
Hildegard Hermans, UZA
HR Director



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