Bordeaux Montaigne University


7 multimedia labs with AVIDAnet Live Pro

About the Bordeaux Montaigne University

Bordeaux Montaigne University brings together more than 14 000 students and 1 300 teaching and administrative staff, for study and research in the arts, languages, literatures and human and social sciences. As a laboratory for ideas, and an intellectual hotbed, Bordeaux Montaigne University contributes meaningfully to the scientific debates of its day and works tirelessly to cultivate and nurture its fundamental values: independence, and freedom of thought. 

Project details

Bordeaux Montaigne University launched a consultation for the complete installation of 7 real-time multimedia language labs, including teacher's and student furniture. To support examinations, the university opted to use retractable partitions. All multimedia labs use the AVIDAnet Live Pro solution. 



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