Jan Yperman Hospital


JCI accreditation using assessmentQ and EduQare

About the Jan Yperman hospital

The Jan Yperman hospital in Ieper (Belgium) is a new and modern hospital with 500 beds and 1200 employees.

Project details

In 2014, the Jan Yperman hospital was looking for a new and efficient way of training within a quickly changing healthcare environment. The willingness to achieve JCI accreditation created a healthy sense of urgency to invest in training. The hospital opted for individual and flexible learning paths targeted to different groups of employees.

Using the assessmentQ platform, a number of EduQare modules were built. This allowed everyone to get trained in new and existing accreditation guidelines. The keys to the success of achieving JCI accreditation included the ease of use of the EduQare modules and the internal distribution of success stories through ambassadors. 

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Thanks to assessmentQ the Jan Yperman hospital evolved to location- and time-independent learning, and is able to continually monitor and update the competences of our employees and doctors.
Liesbeth Verbanck
Quality and EduQare, Jan Yperman Hospital



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