The Tabor Group


Digital and blended learning for faster learning within and across organisations


About the Tabor group

The Tabor group is a unique network of autonomous organisations within social profit and education. Together, they employ more than 9,000 people and contribute to the quality of learning and life of tens of thousands of people, mainly in East and West Flanders.

In order to be able to formulate an answer to the increasing demand for digitisation, the Tabor group offers extensive support through consultation, training, networking and project development. The network does so in various domains such as HR, construction, finance, joint purchasing and IT. The Tabor group presents itself as a value-oriented, innovative and entrepreneurial network organisation. A vision complemented perfectectly by the collaboration with Televic Education.

Project details

Both the partner organisations and Tabor group itself wish to make full use of assessmentQ for digital and blended learning. It is a challenge for many organisations to distribute and anchor knowledge in an efficient and reliable way. Through assessmentQ, people can quickly set to work themselves to create and distribute this knowledge within and outside the organisation walls. Under the motto 'knowledge multiplies by sharing', the network opts for a shared technology, so that learning between and across organisation speeds up. For both the Tabor group and Televic Education, this is a very important aspect within the further development of our collaboration.

Sharing knowledge and experiences

In order to meet many challenges, knowledge and experience sharing will be stimulated by the Tabor group. This is crucial in rapidly changing environments. Thanks to its very own EduQare Community, Televic Education has a lot of expertise in this, both in terms of content as well as in terms of technology. It is clear that the Tabor group and Televic wish to support each other optimally.

With the qualitative guidance and training of Televic Education, partner organisations Karus, Fiola VZW, VZW De Bolster, VZW Z&O De Hagewinde, VZW De Vierklaver and Tabor have already started. The Tabor group attracted Jan Velghe, an experienced expert in digital learning, who, in coordination with Televic, will be responsible for the strategic and hands-on support.

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