University Paul Sabatier Toulouse III


5 real-time multimedia language labs using AVIDAnet Live Pro

About the University Paul Sabatier

The University Paul Sabatier is a university in Toulouse (France), named after Paul Sabatier, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1912. The University Paul Sabatier was established in 1969, when the University of Toulouse was split into three parts. The University Paul Sabatier, the third part, is therefore also known as University Toulouse III (University of Toulouse III). The university has about 27,000 students and 2,900 faculty members and focuses mainly on engineering, science, healthcare and sports.

Project details

The University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier offers several courses in Engineering Sciences. The latter are spread over 4 sites including the Tarbes site. For its Language Center CreLaM, the university has equipped itself with 5 real-time multimedia language labs using AVIDAnet Live Pro, plus a self-service room.



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