Enhancing education in Ghana: where we are today

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Enhancing education in Ghana: where we are today

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Last week, we welcomed a group of future trainers from Ghana to Televic headquarters in Izegem for an in-depth hands-on training of our products and services. We delved into the world of digital exams with assessmentQ and transformed classrooms using AVIDAnet technology. Here's a short recap of what we accomplished.

Empowering digital exams with assessmentQ

In today's tech-driven world, education is quickly catching up. The Ghanaian delegation learned how to use assessmentQ to digitize exams, making the assessment process easier, more efficient, and tailored to Ghana's needs. This move ensures secure and accessible exams, benefiting both students and educators.

Revolutionizing classrooms with AVIDAnet

Smart classrooms can revolutionize learning. We integrated AVIDAnet technology, creating interactive and engaging learning spaces. Digital whiteboards, real-time collaboration, and interactive content make learning fun and dynamic. It's a win-win for both teachers and students.

Hands-on & technical training

Hands-on sessions allowed future teachers to get comfortable with assessmentQ and AVIDAnet, while technical sessions equipped IT professionals to implement and maintain these technologies. 

The visit to Izegem was a significant step towards in Ghana’s educational transformation process. assessmentQ and AVIDAnet are paving the way for better learning experiences, fostering innovation, and preparing Ghana's students for the future.

At Televic, we're committed to supporting education in Ghana and look forward to more exciting developments. Stay tuned!


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