Ghana II project

The Ghana Education Project II


Ghana II project


State-of-the-art multimedia teaching environment & e-assessment technology for Schools in Ghana


About the Ghana Education Project Ii

The Ghana II project is an ambitious initiative aimed at furthering the progress made through the implementation of the Ghana I project. Recognizing the increasing interest from various companies to invest in Ghana, the Government of Ghana identified the need to equip Ghanaian individuals with essential soft skills and 21st-century competencies. To realize this vision, the government partnered with Televic, a renowned educational technology company, to launch the Televic Ghana II project.

Project details

Within the framework of the Televic Ghana II project, the sub-project 'assessmentQ' plays a crucial role in meeting the specific need for measuring the quality of education in terms of knowledge evolution. This sub-project recognizes the importance of assessing the effectiveness of educational interventions and monitoring the progress of learners over time. By providing reliable and comprehensive tools for evaluating learning gains, assessmentQ enables educators and policymakers to make data-informed decisions, tailor teaching approaches, and ensure the overall effectiveness of the educational system. 


The Televic Ghana II project envisions a comprehensive approach to education that empowers Ghanaian learners to become well-rounded individuals, capable of contributing to the country's economic growth and societal development. By focusing on soft skills and 21st-century competencies, the project aims to bridge the gap between traditional academic knowledge and the skills demanded by today's industries. Through the collaboration between Televic and the Government of Ghana, the project aspires to create a sustainable education ecosystem that nurtures the talents and potential of Ghanaian citizens, fostering a brighter future for Ghana as a whole. 

Ghana II project
Ghana II project
Ghana II project
Ghana II project



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