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Televic launches new hybrid solution for remote interpreter training

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interpreterQ hybrid training

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‘Hybrid learning' has taken the educational world by storm lately. Yet, while this transition went smoothly for traditional teaching, it remained quite a challenge for more technical training environments such as interpreting rooms.

interpreterQ goes hybrid

That’s exactly why Televic has extended its interpreterQ platform for interpreter training with an extra module for flexible hybrid training in the cloud. The new module lets you create a virtual interpreter classroom with full functionality both for in-class and online interpreters.

  • remote interpreting with dual-track recording (stereo);
  • remote virtual ‘real interpreter desk’ with relay possibility;
  • remote guest speakers with re-use of the source material;
  • remote intercom conversations;
  • remote webcam view;
  • remote streaming of the teacher’s desktop;
  • remote evaluator with dual-track listening (stereo).

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