Televic Talent Day 2023

Televic Headquarters - Leo Bekaertlaan 1, 8870 Izegem


You're a student and you don't know how a day at the office looks like? You wonder how an innovative company with technological expertise in four niche markets operates? You would like to get a glimpse of our enthusiastic teams? No worries! We got you covered with our Televic Talent Day. During this one-day event, we invite a group of students (+/- 20) to our Headquarters in Izegem to give an insight into Televic through many fun and inspiring activities.


This special opportunity gives students an attractive insight into our businesses, product range and corporate culture. Students can speak with several hiring managers and employees. A nice opportunity to network within our four business units as well. 


Students (Bachelor & Master) Industrial Enigneering, Civil Engineering, Applied Computer Science, New Media,.... looking for a first work experience, internship, thesis or vacation job. 


Hour  Activity 

Warm welcome with breakfast 

9h-9h45 Inspiring presentation by our CEO Lieven Danneels
9h45-10h15 A well deserved coffee break
10h15-12h15 Demo sessions from our four business units 
12h15-13h30 Lunch & Hiring talks 
13h30-14h45 Escape room 
14h45-... Networking 

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