Four divisions at your service

Televic operates four market-focused divisions, offering unrivalled expertise in communication technology.

Wherever and whenever communication needs technology, Televic is at work.

Each of our four businesses is a leader in its field.
We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality service to our clients and partners, and are committed to acting responsibly in all that we do.

Our customers range from national and local governments, to educational institutions, hospitals, railway operators and equipment manufacturers, and service providers in various sectors around the world.

Televic Rail

With over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and maintaining on-board communication and control systems, Televic Rail is a leading, trusted partner for railway operators and train builders worldwide.

Its Passenger Information Systems are high quality, tailor-made solutions that offer the flexibility, user-friendliness and stability that our clients ask for.

Our various types of on-board control systems such as our bogie monitoring systems are innovative yet reliable products which are designed specifically for the railway business.

Trains and trams all around the world are equipped with Televic Rail solutions, from New Zealand over India, to France, Canada and the US.

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Televic Healthcare

Televic Healthcare develops and manufactures high end solutions for nurse call, intercom, access control, patient entertainment and care registration for healthcare environments, both intra as well as extra muros.

Our state-of-the-art systems are adapted to the ever higher demands of an evolving market, and have been implemented in newly built and refurbished healthcare institutions across the world.

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Televic Conference

Televic Conference manufactures innovative systems for moderated meetings. Its complete range of conference solutions simplifies decision-making by improving the meeting experience.

With crystal-clear sound, pristine video, and a clear focus, meetings become more efficient.

From the largest international institutions over local parliaments and city councils to boardrooms: Televic Conference drives successful meetings, worldwide.

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Televic Education

Televic Education is a world leader in the development of research-based solutions that help solve training, quality, certification, accreditation, permanent evaluation and collaboration challenges in many different industries.

The combination of our in-depth knowledge of specific sectors with scientific research has enabled us to create innovative solutions and to build long-term relationships with our clients that range from governments, educational institutions, hospitals as well as corporates.

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