Revolutionizing Conference Communication: Televic's Tailored Solutions at Janta Bhawan

Discover how Televic's customized conferencing solutions transformed communication at Janta Bhawan. Facing the challenge of constructing 11 cutting-edge conference rooms, Janta Bhawan sought advanced technology integrated seamlessly within tight deadlines.

Televic's tailored approach exceeded expectations, setting a new standard in conferencing technology. From user-friendly interfaces to innovative features like the 'Look at Me' function, Televic's commitment to innovation and efficiency shines through, revolutionizing collaboration at Janta Bhawan.


Televic's conferencing solutions have not only revolutionized our communication spaces but have also set a new standard for user-friendly functionality. Collaborating seamlessly with consultants and integrators, they tailored a solution that perfectly fits our diverse needs—from executive cabins to media briefing rooms. The Conference Microphone (CM) and Delegate units, such as the D-Cerno F-CM and D-Cerno F-DM, seamlessly integrated with cameras, are nothing short of impressive.

Operating with the Televic D Cerno system, these units provide the backbone for efficient communication. What truly stands out is the exceptional ease of use of the web interface on the D-Cerno Controller. It's so user-friendly that changing any settings is a breeze, enhancing the overall conferencing experience. This simplicity extends to the installation, cleaning, and management of the microphone system, adding tremendous value to our daily operations.

Moreover, the microphones, particularly the D-Cerno F-DM and D-Cerno F-CM models, seamlessly integrate with the "Look at Me" feature. With a simple press of the button on the microphone, our camera control system springs into action, focusing on the speaker instantly. This innovative feature enhances engagement during meetings and ensures that visual attention aligns with the speaker effortlessly.

As an end-user, I can confidently say that Televic's conferencing solutions have not only prioritized user convenience but also incorporated cutting-edge features that elevate our collaboration. The integrators, Televic salespersons, and R&D team have crafted technology that exceeds expectations. Televic's commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and user-friendly design makes them a standout leader in conferencing technology.

Addressing the key questions posed by the customer, Televic provided a comprehensive solution to meet the challenges encountered during the construction of 11 conference rooms at Janta Bhawan.

The Solution

The client's requirement for advanced technology, coupled with dissatisfaction with their previous system, prompted the search for a new, tailored solution.

Televic's installation of the D-Cerno F-CM (Conference Microphones), D-Cerno F-DM (Delegate Units), and D-Cerno Controller was pivotal.

Chosen for their superior audio quality, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless integration, these components effectively addressed Janta Bhawan's specific conferencing needs.

The hardware and software combination not only facilitated efficient communication and management but also surpassed expectations, meeting tight deadlines.

Televic's expertise extended from initial concept discussions to delivering customized solutions that aligned with stringent architectural demands.

With up to 200 participants, including delegates and operators, client satisfaction was evaluated based on reduced preparation time, breakthrough technologies, and tailored solutions.

Televic's commitment to user-friendly solutions, seamless integration, and fine-grained meeting tools made them the preferred choice, showcasing their versatility and technological innovation in the conference system market.


D-Cerno flush mount solutions:

D-cerno F-DM & F-CM


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