Central Equipment

Discover the beating heart of your system with central units built for performance, security, and reliability. Ensure your meetings run smoothly and securely, without headaches. Complete your equipment with a digital audio card, a network extender or spare power supply.

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Rock-solid Performance

Experience stability with an engine designed to guarantee flawless performance.

Closed & Open

Get peace of mind with a closed core system, and extensible interfacing options via Dante.

Redundancy Built-in

Ensure your meeting keeps running smoothly. Thanks to multiple redundancy systems.

Central Units

Plixus engines

Plixus AE-R

Audio Engine with Recording

Plixus AE-R is a slim 19" rack-mountable audio engine with recording functionality. It provides all the processing and signal handling required for the Plixus network. Small but powerful, it comes with full conference functionality without the need for a dedicated computer. With a volume dial and a record button on the front, crucial controls are easily accessible. By default, you can record the floor and up to 3 other languages. With the Plixus recording license, you can now record 4 additional channels, resulting in a recording capacity of 8 channels.

Download datasheet:

Plixus AE-R (71.98.2902)

Plixus MME

Multimedia Engine

Plixus MME is compact 19" rack-mountable multimedia engine that provides all the processing and signal handling required for the Plixus network. The minimalistic user interface offers direct access to a number of vital functions, which makes control of the system easy and intuitive for the most common functionalities. A set of distinctive, yet unobtrusive handles gives the central equipment a sleek look.

Download datasheet:

Plixus MME (71.98.2900)

Plixus Gateway

plixus GATEWAY

The Plixus Gateway is part of Televic’s Confero Cloud solution. The 19" rack-mountable device acts as a flexible and secure bridge between Cloud-based services and the Plixus engine in your premises. By controlling and securing the traffic in and out between the Internet and the conferencing room, the Gateway can transfer audio, video and conference data without you having to worry about security threats.

Download datasheet:

Plixus Gateway (71.98.3100)

Dante Audio Networking Card


The Dante™ Audio Networking Card is a plug-in card that fits inside Plixus MME and Plixus AE-R and provides a user-friendly digital audio distribution interface. Combined with TReX software, a PC can be turned into a multichannel recording station simply by connecting the network port of this PC to the network.

Dante is a trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd, Audinate is a registered trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.

Download datasheet:

Dante Audio Networking Card (71.98.2950)

Plixus NEXT

Network Extender

Plixus NEXT allows for extension of the Plixus conference architecture to enable a higher number of units on the network. It also creates a level of redundancy: two loops may be created with one extension unit. Additionally, Plixus NEXT devices can be daisy-chained to deploy very large installations of connected devices. A new DIP switch provides fine-grained control over powering the ports.

Download datasheet:

Plixus NEXT (71.98.2911)

Power Management

Plixus AE-R PS

Spare Power Supply

The Plixus AE-R Power Supply provides additional power to your Plixus AE-R engine. Or it can function as a redundant power supply.

Download datasheet:

Plixus AE-R PS (71.98.2931)

Plixus PS

Power Supply

The Plixus Power Supply provides power to your Plixus engine. The mains supply is connected to the Plixus 1U by means of aEN60320 c13 connector at the back of the power supply. Six 3-pin detachable Phoenix connectors are provided at the rear of the Plixus PS/1U to branch off the 48 V.

Download datasheet:

Plixus PS (71.98.2930)


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