Auditoriums, theatres, and lecture halls: they’ve been in use since ancient times and still remain the most impressive venues for a wide variety of gatherings today. Whether you are presenting or participating, and whether it’s in an educational or diplomatic context, these are the places where you want and need to be both heard and understood. 

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Our conferencing solutions enhance intelligibility during presentations, keynotes and lectures alike. Via our wireless multi-language distribution system, participants can easily listen in their own language. Want to boost interaction? Thanks to our integrated speaker, microphone, interpretation and voting units, everybody plays an active role.  



Where heritage meets innovation

Our technology blends seamlessly into any auditorium, whether it is a modern or historic space. Our discussion panels with integrated speaker, interpretation and voting options can be built-in, or we can fully customize them to your needs without even touching your protected furnishings – a convenience that makes us a valued partner for interior designers and architects. 

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Auditoriums BY Televic 

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Hear and be heard. Understand and be understood.

The ability to talk and listen clearly lets your community thrive. Have better formal meetings, create better understanding and make better decisions. 

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