Confidea Flex Wired


Flexible Tabletop

Enjoy unparalleled meeting flexibility with a touch screen conference device that is easily configured through licenses. Activate or deactivate voting, authentication, language channels and more through a simple tap. And switch between chairperson or delegate, on a single device.

Confidea FLEX Wired

Confidea FLEX

This versatile device adapts to all types of meetings through flexible software licenses. From simple discussion to complex multilingual meetings, you can activate or deactivate functions, and switch between chairperson and delegate by just tapping a button. The unit comes with a 5.2" touch screen for dynamic information, an integrated speaker, a microphone connector, an NFC badge reader, microphone buttons with hidden LED lights, braille guides and Bluetooth support to connect devices for hearing impaired people. The device works with the architecture of the Plixus network and can be combined with other systems. Its slim and modern design make it feel at home anywhere. Microphone sold separately.

Ref. 71.98.0131

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Confidea Flex Wired Interface


The special feature of the system is the possibility to extend the functionalities of the device with additional licenses. It grows with the needs of the room and adapts to you and your meeting.

L-VT - VOTE (Ref. 71.98.1401)
Voting licence. The number of buttons is configurable from 2 to 10 virtual options. The total result is visible after the voting.

L-ID - IDENTIFICATION (Ref. 71.98.1402)
Participant identificaton licence. This licence allows the users to identify themselves with an RFID or NFC badge.

L-LS - LANGUAGE SELECTION (Ref. 71.98.1403)
Participant language selection licence. This licence allows the users to select one of the interpretation channels.

L-DU - DOUBLE USE (Ref. 71.98.1404)
Licence that allows 2 delegates to use theunit. There are 2 speaker request buttons, 2 interpretation channel selectors, 2 identifications and 2 simultaneous votings.

For L-VT, L-ID, L-LS, you need licences for each delegate.

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Confidea FLEX in action

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