Smart Audio & Control


Smart Audio & Control

A set of new audio processing techniques, microphone modes and routing capabilities to make your meetings smoother, crisper and more intelligible than ever before.


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Presenting the Televic Smart Audio & Control platform

A set of new microphone modes, audio processing and routing technologies to make your meetings crisper and more intelligible than ever before.

  • Optimized intelligibility for both in-room and remote participants
  • Consistent audio coverage in any room configuration
  • Reduced acoustic feedback for standalone and integrated systems
  • Hands-free discussion mode for in-person and remote audio
  • Improved integration capabilities with Confero Audio routing and DSP mode


Hands-free meetings

Most in-person meetings happen organically with no time to push a button. By combining multiple innovative audio processing techniques, Televic is the first to completely remove the need for any manual intervention whilst optimizing the intelligibility in your meetings. This is achieved by allowing all microphones to be active all the time and managing the gain based on who is speaking.

This new Hands-Free discussion mode increases efficiency and improves collaboration by allowing all participants to speak freely without interrupting the flow of the conversation by having to press a button to speak.

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Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are here to stay and never before has intelligibility between local and remote participants been so important. Televic provides all necessary solutions to make your hybrid meetings as seamless and natural as possible. Remote participants can join the meeting via either the Confero platform or via popular platforms such as Teams or Zoom, and are able to easily follow the meeting due to not only the crips and clear audio but also the advanced camera tracking which guarantees that the correct people are always shown.

As meeting equity becomes ever more important, Televic provides solutions to ensure all participants have a fair representation in the meeting.

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Advanced Integration Tools

As conferencing systems continue to evolve, they are increasingly becoming integral components of larger solutions. Televic provides a comprehensive integration toolbox to empower partners who need greater control capabilities.

One of these tools is the DSP mode, enabling integrators to route all audio channels to any DSP, facilitating customized audio processing. In addition to this, the Confero Advanced Audio Configurator simplifies the grouping and routing of audio inputs and outputs, providing integrators with complete control over the audio path. To achieve a seamless integration, the Confero API allows for in-depth control of the conferencing units and the meeting in general.

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