Smart Audio & Control


Smart Audio & Control

The audio control and quality of the future have arrived today.


Smart Audio & Control presents a set of innovative audio developments. We introduced a new microphone mode and applied the latest processing and routing techniques to make your meetings crisper and more intelligible than ever before.

+ Optimized intelligibility for both in-room and remote participants
+ Consistent audio coverage in every kind of meeting room set-up
+ Reduced acoustic feedback
+ Hands-free discussion mode
+ The ability to use your current system with our DSP audio-routing type

Consistent audio coverage

Whether your participants are right next to you or in Teams / Zoom, they will be able to receive and convey messages in the same crystal-clear quality - even when your own microphone is active.

Hands-free microphone mode

Our new microphone mode allows you to use our conference system units without pushing any button at all. Since all microphones are open, you can join the discussion whenever you want, hands-free.

Compatible with your existing audio system

Our DSP audio-routing type enables you to reuse your meeting room’s existing DSP and audio systems. You can control every single part of the Televic audio system at all times.


uniCOS is a state-of-the-art multimedia conference unit that provides everything you need for meetings that require multiple individual screens.Each device i has an individual gooseneck microphone with a directional polar pattern. Those cardioid pickup microphones do more than detecting audio. Since they are most sensitive to sounds immediately in front of them, any side noises are deftly shut out. Both live and remote participants will be able to understand and deliver messages. The built-in loudspeaker carries their voices around the room, distributing them equally – and highly intelligibly – across all conference devices.


This versatile device adapts to all types of meetings through flexible software licenses. From simple discussion to complex multilingual meetings, you can easily activate or deactivate functions. Delegates can become chairpersons with a single movement, and the other way around. The chairperson controls the meeting by starting and pausing the meeting, selecting the next person on the speaker request list, the agenda, the voting sessions and the recordings.


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