Televic Conference Camera Tracking Conference Camera

Camera Control

Automatic Camera Control

Camera control closes the gap between people by letting everyone see and understand each other in close-up.

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Better meetings and better decisions start with getting participants closer together. T-Cam gives you an easy way to install camera control, to create talking heads, and to configure different views on any Televic conference system.

Televic Conference Camera Tracking Conference Camera T-CAM Package CM70

T-CAM Package CM70

The T-CAM Package CM70 allows straight-forward installation, fast configuration and integration of a camera tracking system with any Televic Conference system. By combining hardware and software, the T-CAM solution makes it easy to use and control cameras. Installers can quickly set up cameras and create talking heads, automatically switch the camera between participants.

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T-CAM Package CM70 (71.98.1305)

Televic Conference Camera Tracking Conference Camera IP-CAM CM70

IP-CAM CM70 Camera & Licence

Add another camera and licence. The Televic IP-CAM CM70 is a PTZ IP camera that is easy to install and cost-effective. It is perfectly suited for camera tracking in conference rooms, The camera uses Power over Ethernet, which eliminates the need for additional power supplies and cables. Finally, with flexible interfaces, you get easy connections.

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IP-CAM CM70 (71.98.1306)

IP-CAM Wall & Ceiling Mount


The IP-CAM wall and ceiling mount is suitable for the IP-CAM CM70 camera. This extension ensures great and safe support of the PTZ camera, and also allows for all the cables to be hidden inside the mount. In case of mobile applications, it can can be mounted in a flight case or installed on a tripod. Accessories include a heavy-duty 30-mm steel ring specifically designed to mount the accessory on a truss clamp.

Download datasheet:

IP-CAM Wall & Ceiling Mount  (71.98.1306)

Televic Conference Camera Tracking Conference Camera T-CAM Name Overlay


This add-on makes it easy to display the name of the active speaker over your camera tracking images. Names are automatically loaded from the CoCon database for maximum efficiency and ease of use. There are two options for creating the Name Overlay: on the PC or the video switcher. The PC monitor offers more configuration options such as font, color, and logo; this option requires an additional capture card.

Download datasheet:

T-CAM Name Overlay (71.98.1302)

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