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How to make your council meetings streamlined and successful?

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Professionalize your city or municipal council meetings by digitizing them. Improve efficiency and intelligibility in any live, virtual or hybrid debate with our customizable, user-friendly and transparent conferencing and voting solutions.

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Televic Conference City Counsil formal meeting checklist

Before the meeting

Plan agenda
Prepare voting session

Televic Conference city counsil confidea flex meeting

During the meeting

✓ Moderate the discussion
✓ Enable hybrid session

Televic Conference city counsil confero meeting report print

After the meeting

✓ Create meeting report
✓ Access audio / video recording

Discover the Added Value Televic Brings to Your City Council MeetingS

streamlined & successful
city council meetings

Televic Conference Confidea Flex City Counsil


Local communities benefit from effective and transparent deliberation. Our top-notch audio and video conferencing systems ensure all participants are heard and understood clearly. How? It’s simple: each delegate unit has an individual microphone and built-in loudspeaker which guarantee a warm, amplified sound.

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Give the floor to the right speakers at the right time. With our innovative conferencing and electronic voting solutions, moderation is simple. Control active speakers, set speech timers for each participant, collect votes automatically and share results immediately.

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As the responsibilities of local governments increase, so does public demand for transparency. Build trust by offering audiovisual recordings or live streams of your debates. Our conferencing solutions automatically track every intervention made, so every speaker gets their time to shine through clear video and audio. 

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Creating the same meeting experience for both on-site and remote participants, councilors, experts, etc. who are joining your council debates, is key. Connect our solutions to Teams, Zoom or Webex to immediately increase intelligibility to remote participants. Want to streamline your hybrid meetings with moderation and voting functionalities? With Confero Cloud, our native hybrid meeting solution, you can. It will feel like you’re all in the same room. 

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Hear and be heard. Understand and be understood.

The ability to talk and listen clearly lets your community thrive. Have better formal meetings, create better understanding and make better decisions. 

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Televic’s platform ensures that our online meetings are almost identical to the physical ones that we used to have.
Bert Maertens
Our new microphone system has helped tremendously! We have always live-streamed our Council meetings, but once we implemented the microphone system, the quality and clarity came through and the audience could actually hear what was being said. It is very easy to use and set up.
Kim Keesler
In Televic Conference we have found a partner who thinks along with us and allows us to support the decision-making process in an efficient and transparent manner.
Arnout Van Kooij
City Clerk Ijsselstein - The Netherlands

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