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The European Commission & Televic Conference equipment

Contribution to various construction and renovation projects over the years for the European Commission

The European Commission is divided into departments that develop policies for specific areas. Each department is headed by Commissioners. The Commission is steered by a group of 27 Commissioners, known as 'the college'. Together they take decisions on the Commission's political and strategic direction.

Ever since the foundation of the European Commission, Televic Conference equipment has been used for multilingual meetings. Under the supervision of the EC’s DirectorateGeneral for Interpretation – the Commission’s interpreting service and conference organizer – we have contributed to various construction and renovation projects over the years. In Brussels alone, Televic equipment is used daily in different building with several meeting rooms, such as the Berlaymont, CCAB, and Charlemagne facilities.

An impressive fusion of installations

Divided over the Commission’s different buildings and sites, installations facilitating meetings with simultaneous interpretation show an impressive harmonization between older and newer conferencing systems and architectures. In total over 45 conference rooms run on Televic solutions, uniting over 5,500 custom conferencing units, over 2,500 delegate units and over 1,000 interpreter desks.

Custom design

Wherever needed, custom equipment was designed to fit the architectural requirements or furniture integration needs. With its great flexibility and superb audio quality, the wired Confidea Flex units have now become the main delegate unit for renovations of conference rooms. Televic’s modular CoCon software suite is the standard meeting management application.

Numerous benefits

Thanks to our longstanding co-operation, the European Commission enjoys benefits such as:

  • flexibility in Dante routing to make audio signal routing easier
  • stand-alone systems that run independently from a server, while all main functionalities are controlled by a central unit that even allows the room to work without network connection if needed
  • excellent redundancy possibilities, with the central unit as the only single point of failure
  • an easy and intuitive user interface, even for complex multilingual meetings
  • the latest ISO compliant interpreter desks for optimal translation conditions


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