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Use Unite as a wireless communication system for presentation and distribution of learning materials and/or communication between teachers and students.

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Microphone Mode

Use a Unite wireless microphone for presentations, meetings, conferences or in educational institutions. The wireless microphones allow maximum freedom of movement for the speaker with highest speech intelligibility. The system takes care of this itself with great agility. The DECT standard is applied practically worldwide and is future-proof. You don't have to worry about frequencies: no registration, no license fees, and automatic frequency management.

With Unite, a second presenter can also easily be added without sharing microphones or the need to mix together different audio signals.

Unite - Classroom

In the Classroom

With the rise of education technology, institutions have adopted teaching methods that diverge from the typical classroom environment. Unite opens up new possibilities for all participants, such as hybrid learning that combines on-site and online participants, a pass-around microphone within the classroom for better interaction between the participants and the teachers, and receivers in the audience.

Unite - Digital Learning

Digital learning

Digital educational opportunities such as purely online or hybrid teaching formats ensure increased flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. They are crucial in many applications such as webinars, online training and team communication.

It has been proven that concentration is significantly increased when learning with optimal sound. It is thus important that sound is recorded optimally from the very beginning. The Unite bodypack transmitters can be connected to any smart device via USB and used with online meeting platforms for easy hybrid learning experience setups. The Unite wireless communication system ensures speech intelligibility of the highest quality – your participants will think you are in the room with them.

Unite - Education - Streaming

Streaming & Podcast

Multiply viewership thanks to Unite's unique ability to stream audio to multiple platforms at the same time. Unite reacts in real time and automatically adapts to individual circumstances for highest speech intelligibility, ensuring a professional audio experience at any time.

Unite - Guided Tour - Accessibility

Assistive Listening

For the hard of hearing, the Unite mobile system can be easily retrofitted, even if the building is listed or there are unpredictable structural factors. With Unite and the connectable inductive loop IL 200, you will ensure that your events and presentations are barrier-free. Unite guarantees accessibility in accordance with the DIN EN 60118-4 standard and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for equal participation in society. Crystal clear, noiseless sound transmission ensures highest speech intelligibility. Low latency makes lip-sync transmission possible.

Unite - Wireless Presentations - 32 Channels

Access Point with 32 channels

You can operate up to four microphones using just one 4-channel access point. You can also synchronize the access points for up to 32 channels. Four audio signal from a microphone can be transmitted via Dante or an analog connection to external devices such as DSP and amplifiers. At the same each speaker can each receive an external audio signal, e.g. from an interpreter.

Efficient communication is truly at the forefront of the Unite system's capabilities! At Nottingham Trent University in Aberdeen, for instance, eight lecturers are able to effectively teach up to 200 students in the university's lab thanks to the seamless functionality of Unite. It's proves how Unite enables clear and efficient communication in even the most challenging settings.
Mark Bromfield

Product Range

Unite means you can speak to everyone, listen to everyone, and everyone can interact with each other. The potential uses for Unite are correspondingly versatile.


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