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Flexible Tabletop

The next generation of meetings made easy. Zero cables, zero worries.


As meetings become more versatile and increasingly demand greater flexibility, Televic proudly presents the 4th-generation wireless conferencing system: Confidea G4. Thanks to its unparalleled flexibility, everything is possible: from the number of participants to the type of conference room and specific meeting configurations – all delivered with pristine audio quality, and cable-free.

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Ultimate Flexibility

Adjusts multipurpose meeting room and supports basic and large-scale meeting requirements. Choose from several microphone options to guarantee crisp quality. Simply push and lock the microphone to get started, and effortlessly remove it from the station by pressing a button.


Integrated Solution

Join on-site and remote attendees via any cloud-based meeting platform, like Teams, Zoom, Webex, and connect a camera tracking system.

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Worry-Free Wireless

Advanced techniques to guarantee a remarkable stability and reliability of the signal reception. As meetings are meant to be private and confidential, the WPA2 enterprise encryption ensures that what happens in the meeting room, stays in the meeting room.

Future-Proof Investment

Easy to configure with its built-in webserver and latest features always at your disposal with the possibility to add more licenses


Flex g4


Meet the all-in-one wireless conferencing system of tomorrow. Confidea FLEX G4 smartly combines an easy set-up and configuration with the world’s most advanced features in terms of quality and user-friendliness. Activate or deactivate voting, authentication, language channels and more through a simple tap. And switch between chairperson or delegate, on a single

The touchscreen offers relevant meeting details, such as the agenda, the identity of the speaker, your position in the queue, polls, and much more. Feel free to personalize the layout by adding your logo.

But Confidea FLEX G4 doesn’t just look different. It feels different too. For special interactions (e.g., voting procedures), the display uses haptic feedback. When you cast your vote, the system will gently vibrate, recreating the experience of a physical touch.

Visually impaired users will enjoy the tactile indicators and the 5 additional navigation guides underneath the screen.

Ref. 71.98.0081

Download datasheet: EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL

Confidea GO

Confidea GO G4

Sometimes, you just want to keep things simple. That is why Confidea GO G4 makes it possible to meet up and connect to any remote platform with a discussion-only unit, without the display.

Same look and feel: Confidea GO G4 looks exactly like its award-winning twin, Confidea FLEX G4, but without the display. What is retained? The same jaw-dropping design and the sturdy alloy of zinc and aluminum. No matter how many times you (accidentally) move the microphone, this stable device won’t budge an inch.

Ref. 71.98.0082

Download the datasheet: Coming soon

Televic Conference Conference System Confidea WAP G4

Wireless Access Point

The compact, discreet yet powerful Confidea FLEX G4 access point is the heart of the wireless conference system. It comes with a set of tools to define the optimal use of channels within the RF spectrum, ensuring a reliable, secure and robust communication with the wireless conference units. The built-in web-based software will guide the installer through the configuration of the system. By adding a license, extra meeting management tools can be unlocked and offer meeting moderation, voting, participant identification and reporting capabilities. The access point also has a wealth of connectivity options. Powering the device can be done via a standard PoE+ switch or power injector, the Confidea PS G4. Both analog and digital (Dante) interfaces are available for interfacing 3rd party audio systems like presentation systems, room audio systems or hybrid meeting platforms. Easy recording capabilities are provided with options to record on internal or external storage.

Download datasheets:

Confidea WAP G4 (71.98.0035): EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL

Confidea WAP G4 With Dante (71.98.0034): EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL

Confidea PS G4 (71.98.0028): EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL

SMART Battery Management

Televic Conference Conference System Confidea BP G4

Battery Pack

Designed for portability, Confidea FLEX G4 will not let battery life get in the way of a productive meeting. Each unit comes with a compact Li-ion rechargeable battery pack Confidea BP G4, that will keep the system up and running for 12 hours. The smart battery pack is monitored and controlled via a built-in microcontroller which tracks the recharging process and prevents overloading.

Do you need to replace an empty battery while the system is still operating (‘hot swapping’)? No problem. Simply add a spare and remove the empty one. No need to reboot. Don’t forget to charge the battery: it only takes two hours. Each unit has two battery compartments.

Ref. 71.98.0045

Download datasheets:

EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL

Televic Conference Conference System Confidea CHT G4

Charging Tray

The Confidea CHT G4 charging tray is a compact rack mountable device with capability to charge up to 10 batteries. Being only one rack unit, it saves space in the overall rack design. The device can also perfectly be integrated in cabinet. In only 2h time batteries are fully charged. Batteries can be left in the chargers without impact on lifetime of the battery thanks to the smart monitoring capabilities. The charger has a LAN connection to browse the built-in webpage for making the device ready to upgrade and for battery monitoring.

Ref. 71.98.0046

Download datasheets:

EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL

Televic Conference Conference System Confidea FLEX TC


The Confidea FLEX TC transport case offers a clear and compact storage to meet on the go. It can store up to 16 FLEX units, wired or wireless (including batteries). The top layer has a removable inlay, easy to carry around to collect and store 16 Mike type microphones. A removeable compartment in the middle of the case offers room to store an access point, adapter and some cables. The case has been designed for easy storage and transport from one room and/or venue to the other. In other words: a complete meeting set-up, packed into a compact and mobile solution that is ready to be deployed anyplace, anytime.

Ref. 71.98.0047

Download datasheet: EN | FR | DE | ES | IT | NL

In Televic Conference we have found a partner who thinks along with us and allows us to support the decision-making process in an efficient and transparent manner.
Arnout Van Kooij
City Clerk Ijsselstein - The Netherlands


Municipality of Eindhoven, Netherlands, Televic Conference

Municipality of Eindhoven, Netherlands

Council Chamber of Beringen, Televic Conference

Council Chamber of Beringen, Belgium

Multipurpose room, Talant, Televic Conference

Multipurpose Room "L'écrin", Talant, France

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