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Thriving communities are built on the ability to talk and listen across divides. In governments, institutions, businesses, or courts worldwide, progress often depends on constructive debate that leads to effective decisions. Televic Conference is committed to empowering decision-making through moderated meetings: live or hybrid, regardless of venue or size. Our ambition: to make sure that everyone can hear and be heard. Understand, and be understood. Because ultimately, the entire society benefits from sound and transparent deliberation.


We have been pursuing this goal for over 50 years. These decades of experience and innovation have made us the leading expert in conferencing technology. Today we develop, manufacture, and deliver the world’s most advanced conference solutions. Solutions that harness the power to drastically enhance the intelligibility, moderation, and simultaneous interpretation of any meeting, anywhere, anytime.


More importantly, we know that effective moderated meetings require more than just technology. Every deliberative body is unique, as is every building or meeting room in which these bodies operate. This is where our exceptional flexibility and adaptability makes all the difference. Our solutions not only interface seamlessly with your existing conferencing set-up. We also bring you the passion and know-how to build a solution that is tailored to the needs of your specific situation.


Meet Televic Conference, the reference for effective formal meetings.


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Televic Conference HQ

Leo Bekaertlaan 1
8870 Izegem

Phone : +32 51 30 30 45
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Televic Conference Asia

Room 703, 78, Jiangchang No.3 Rd
Zhabei Qu
Shanghain Shi, 200436

Phone : +86 21 61 48 01 23
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Televic Conference North America

7008 Virginia Manor Road
Beltsville, ML 20705
United States

Phone : (240) 835-3842
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we are a part of televic group

Televic is an international company specialized in innovative communication technology. Televic, headquartered in Belgium, employs over 900 employees worldwide, and maintains operations across Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US. Televic is dedicated to four markets


Though our teams are dedicated to different markets and are from cultures all over the world, we remain united and stay focused on the future through our mission, vision and values.


To be the global reference in each of our niche markets through technological leadership.


Wherever critical communication needs technology, Televic enables it. We have developed high-end communication products and systems for specific niche markets for more than sixty years, and that will remain our mission.


Four specific values are central to Televic’s success. These values guide the company and our employees each and every day.


Reliable long-term partner focused on delivering high quality.


Always ahead of the curve in everything we do.


Anticipating changing needs within our markets to stay ahead.


Trusted as experts across our niche markets. 


Our team of ‘Experts in Conferencing’ are always at your disposal to tell you everything about our conference solutions, or to discuss your specific needs.

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