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Wireless Presenting

Use Unite wireless microphone for presentations, meetings, conferences or in educational institutions. Each access point offers the possibility to use four wireless microphones simultaneously, and up to eight access points can be combined to expand the system.


With Unite, you don't have to worry about frequencies: no registration, no license fees, and automatic frequency management. Digital, noiseless transmission and intelligent DSP algorithms mean the system is perfect for speech applications. The Unite access point makes it possible for four wireless microphones to be used simultaneously. Four audio signals from the microphone can be transmitted via Dante or an analog connection to an external device such as a DSP or amplifier. At the same time, each speaker can receive an external audio signal e.g. from an interpreter. The synchronization of up to eight access points makes up to 32 channels possible. By reducing transmission power, parallel operation is possible in a nearly unlimited number of rooms.

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With Unite, you don't have to worry about managing frequencies. The system takes care of this itself with great agility. The DECT standard is applied practically worldwide, is future-proof, and requires no registration or fees.

Unite - Wireless Microphones - Speech Intelligibility

Speech Intelligibility

Unite has been optimized for speech applications. The transmitters balance out voices of varying volume, differing speaker distances and female and male voices, among other things. Disruptive background noise is also eliminated.

Unite - Wireless Presentations - 32 Channels

UP TO 32 Channels

You can operate up to four microphones using just one 4-channel access point. You can also synchronize the access points for up to 32 channels, depending on the room conditions and interferences. You need not to worry about frequencies - that are region-dependent - as the system itself automatically controls robust and encrypted transmission.

Unite - Wireless Presentations - Campus Application

Campus Application

If many rooms are equipped in parallel with more than 32 wireless microphones in total, the transmission power can also be reduced to allow an even higher number of microphones to be used simultaneously. The Unite bodypack transmitters also offer a bi-directional transmission of audio signals for full duplex mode.

All devices can be configured and monitored from a central PC by means of the Ethernet connection of the cockpit chargers.

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Televic brings innovative communication to the people, with Unite added in the product range, this is the perfect opportunity to do this!
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Product Range

Unite means you can speak to everyone, listen to everyone, and everyone can interact with each other. The potential uses for Unite are correspondingly versatile.


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