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Built-in electronic voting as a differentiating factor

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Voting is an essential decision-making tool in any democratic context. This is why, when selecting a conferencing tool for a local or international parliament, court, or institution, the built-in electronic voting options are an important differentiating factor to consider. As a pioneer in conferencing solutions for government bodies and institutions, Televic has been developing this type of systems ever since the 1970’s. Over the years, we have continuously improved and updated our solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Today, we can say that our meeting management software includes the most comprehensive and adaptable electronic voting options that are available in the market.


Moderation and voting management

Televic’s Confero 360 software is the preferred meeting management solution for numerous parliaments and institutions worldwide. This is because it offers these institutions a powerful tool to make their meetings more efficient and streamlined. For moderated meetings, for instance, the chairman can have full control over the delegate microphones to easily manage the discussion. Specifically for the voting process, the chairman and/or his operator can easily launch, manage, and conclude an electronic voting session. A timer can be set for each voting session.

Display of agenda and voting items

The system also enables a clear and easy way to guide delegates through the structure of the meeting. Agenda items, supporting documentation and – of course – voting items can be displayed on the screen of every individual delegate’s conferencing unit. The voting itself also takes place on the microphone unit, with a simple tap on the built-in, configurable voting button.


Crystal clear voting results

With an electronic voting solution built into your meeting chamber’s conferencing system, you no longer need to count spoken votes or raised hands. The voting results are automatically processed, displayed, and reported in the meeting management software, enabling improved ease of use and eliminating human error.

Adaptability to local customs and legislation

With democratic processes varying from institution to institution, Televic’s electronic voting solutions offer a wide array of voting options, making our system easily adaptable to local customs and/or legislation. You can for instance define voting modes with 2-5 voting options (yes, no, abstain, …) and modify the delegates’ voting buttons accordingly. You can configure who can participate in the voting and who can see the overall results. You can print the voting agenda right from the system, enable secret or quorum votes, … You can even benefit from additional functionalities such as voting correction and hung vote solutions.


Airtight identification

It goes without saying that, since an electronic voting system links the vote to the delegate unit from which it is activated, user identification is of the essence. Televic’s delegate units all support today’s most advanced identification options, including RFID badge and fingerprint identification.  

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