Televic and Biamp collaborate to address the unique demands of hybrid courts

Televic and Biamp unite in a groundbreaking collaboration to address the unique demands of hybrid courts.

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In a world transformed by the pandemic, the Televic Discussion Microphone Systems have emerged as a solution for courts grappling with the challenges of these times.

As Plexiglas barriers and remote Zoom calls became the new normal, these innovative microphones with built-in audio speakers proved to be indispensable.

While many Plexiglas barriers have been removed, the advantages of these systems remain and now Televic has collaborated with Biamp to take the hybrid court solution to the next level.

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The ability to hear audio at each Televic discussion station not only helped overcome the limitations imposed by Plexiglas, but also enhanced interaction during remote calls and addressed the acoustic challenges faced in many court environments such as tall ceilings and marble walls.

These Televic dedicated units, with its sleek and unobtrusive design, are easily connected using a standard shielded Cat 5 cable or a higher-quality alternative and are equipped with LED indicators to show the status of the microphone ensuring the Judge & clerk that the audio is routed to the court recorder


The Televic discussion system is combined with the Biamp DSP to form the backbone of the Hybrid Hearing Core Audio solution. Five strategically positioned Televic stations for judge, witness, podium, state and defense tables guarantee direct and uninterrupted audio while the processing, routing and integration with hybrid platforms in handled by the centrally located Biamp TesiraFORTÉ X 800 DSP.


The Biamp TesiraFORTÉ X 800 DSP system seamlessly integrates with the Televic Flex wired system, providing essential audio processing and routing capabilities.

The system includes audio echo cancellation (AEC), equalization (EQ), and other audio processing features required, supporting up to eight Televic stations.

The Biamp Apprimo TEC-X 1000 control panel enables simple adjustment of overall audio volume for both Televic audio and remote participants.

The solution also includes a sidebar feature that allows private bench conferences to be captured on the official record without being heard in the courtroom or by remote participants.



Not only does the Televic/Biamp solution provides all necessary audio capabilities within the courtroom, it also allows other solutions to easily interface with the system.

Whether it’s a hybrid meeting platform such as Teams or Zoom or official recording solutions such as FTR, Liberty, SoniClear and others, the Televic/Biamp solution provides the necessary capabilities to route audio wherever it needs to go

"The Televic/Biamp design ensures accurate transcripts can be produced. The digital
court reporter or clerk can easily run the system while managing remote court appearances efficiently."
Alan Bartholomew
President of SoniClear

Hybrid Hearing Initiative Case Study

The effectiveness of the Televic/Biamp Hybrid Hearing Core Audio Solution has been demonstrated through its successful implementation in the 394th Judicial District of Texas, as part of the NCSC Hybrid Hearing Initiative.

The court wanted to improve their audio quality for remote appearances while keeping their existing digital court reporting process using SoniClear software.
The solution effectively addressed the challenge of integrating hybrid audio in their courtrooms, limiting acoustic obstacles encountered in challenging environments. The 394th Judicial District Court of Texas, housed in a historic building with soaring ceilings and hard surfaces, presented significant acoustic challenges. However, the Televic discussion system proved invaluable by offering dedicated audio stations at each microphone seat, eliminating the need for audio projection from specific locations within the room.

This approach ensures active participation from every individual involved in the conversation, even in challenging acoustic environments.
Having a simple conversation between the judge, witness, defense and state table was effortless. With all microphones on, everyone could hear the other three from the built-in audio speaker right in front of them.

When the Zoom participant joined the call, they too were heard at each station mixed together with the other people in the room.

The observation from the Zoom participants also commented that
the audio was very clean and clear as if each person was having a
personal conversation with everyone in the room.

Future needs were discussed about audio coverage of the attorneys, who could walk in the “well area” or approach the witness. The solution for Lori was to add two wireless lavaliere microphones to the Televic/Biamp Solution to ensure all audio was captured for the record. Other solutions would be to add additional microphones on the bench and jury rail as needed.

The Televic/Biamp Hybrid Hearing Core Audio Solution offers a foundational solution that effectively consolidates all audio elements for the core proceedings. To enhance its capabilities, one should consider incorporating supplementary microphone technologies and audio reinforcement - a topic worth exploring with your AV Integrator partner.

As courtrooms embrace the benefits of hybrid proceedings, the collaboration between Televic and Biamp provides an ideal base solution for seamless audio integration between in-room and
remote participants as well as optimal audio routing for capturing the official record and remote monitoring.

This innovative solution, which was proven through successful implementation in the 394th Judicial District of Texas, offers courtrooms with limited budgets a starting point for adopting technology and overcoming acoustic challenges. With its expandable nature, the Televic/
Biamp Hybrid Hearing Core Audio Solution caters to the evolving needs of courtrooms and has the ability to streamline future audio requirements and help them navigate the digital age with confidence.

Future Expansion

The Televic/Biamp Hybrid Hearing Core Audio Solution” is a comprehensive audio solution that aims to cater to courts of any size or budget, facilitating effective communication among all participants while directing the audio to the court recording system.

The package encompasses all necessary components and is accompanied by detailed instructions, enabling court technical staff to connect the system with minimal assistance from a local integrator.

Nevertheless, the scalability of this system is a notable advantage. As needs and demands change, the system can easily expand. This may include the incorporation of handheld and lavalier microphones, sound reinforcement in jury and public areas, as well as compatibility with video tracking systems.

Expand the functionality of your Televic system with seamless audio added for assisted listening and interpretation, all from a single base station. With two headphone jacks available, you can access and select separate audio channels directly from the unit’s display. This process can also accommodate handheld receivers, providing a comprehensive solution for all your audio needs.

Expanded Integration Options

— Handheld wireless microphone for voir dire
— Lavalier (lapel) wireless microphones for attorneys
— Wired boundary microphones for the “well” area
— External audio systems integration
— Assisted listening audio system integration
— Interpretation audio (in-room/remote) integration
— Camera tracking integration


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