A new home for the district council of Ludwigslust-Parchim

A new home for the district council of Ludwigslust-Parchim

Future-oriented AV installation that goes far beyond meeting and conferencing

Ludwigslust-Parchim is a district in the west of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The district was established by merging the former districts of Ludwigslust and Parchim as part of the local government reform of September 2011. After the district reform, Ludwigslust-Parchim became the second largest district in the Federal Republic. The seat of the new district council is located in the city of Parchim.

It goes without saying that the new district council, counting more council members (77 to be precise) and more personnel, needed a new home. Therefore, 10 years after the district reform, a new and future-oriented building was inaugurated. The new building, successor to the old Parchim meeting building called ‘Solitär’, was fittingly named ‘Solitär II’.

Multifunctionality first

The basic concept behind the new “Solitär II” district council building was not designed purely as a meeting building. Instead, the focus was on multifunctionality. In addition to the regular meetings of the district council, the new building was also intended to host theatre shows, concerts, banquets, and conferences. A state-of-the-art sound system and impressive large-size LED video walls are only some of the audiovisual eyecatchers that were integrated into the main hall and foyer areas.

Custom digital conferencing system

As housing the district council remained the main purpose of the building, the choice of an adequate and future-oriented conference system was an important part of the infrastructural lay-out. Together with AV integrator Pro Video, Televic developed a fully digital conferencing solution with custom equipment to preserve the architectural concept and the aesthetics of the council room. 

Specially designed 10” uniCOS single and dual delegate units with integrated camera and physical voting buttons offer each council member an optimal meeting experience. All flush mounted into the council room furniture for a seamless finish without any need for screw holes.

Easy meeting management and electronic voting

Combined with Televic’s CoCon software suite and running on Televic’s Plixus conferencing network, the council’s chairmen and their technical operators have advanced meeting management tools at their disposal to host streamlined multimedia meetings. An electronic voting system and digital delegate authentication are integrated into the conferencing solution. Thanks to Televic’s easy-to-use system that is also used by the World Health Organization in Geneva, all 77 members of the Ludwigslust-Parchim district council are identified using a personal ID card. During and after the vote, the seating arrangement with the individual votes and overall result are displayed on screens in the meeting room.

Live video streams and simultaneous interpretation

Using brand-new Video IN & Video-OUT Boxes, full HD video streams can be brought in and out anywhere on the Plixus conferencing network. For multilingual council meetings, this means that interpreters have lip-synced video streams of multiple speakers right at their fingertips, with minimal delays of only a single frame.

Even more importantly, for the first time in the history of the Ludwigslust-Parchim district council, the council meetings can now be live streamed for any citizen to follow online via the district's YouTube channel. This is entirely in line with the district council’s desire to give a larger public the opportunity to follow the meetings.


10” uniCOS single and dual delegate units


CoCon Meeting Software


Pro Video