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5 reasons why you need a professional conferencing system

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Discover 5 compelling reasons why every business, institution, or government body should have a professional conferencing solution installed in their meeting room.

Corporate Boardroom? Public institution? City council?

5 reasons why you need a professional conferencing system.

Whether you are working in a private business, a public institution, a city council or a government body: in almost every one of these contexts, part of your daily operations involves bringing people and ideas together in discussions, meetings or conferences.

If you want your discussions to run smoothly and efficiently, and of course lead to good decision-making, you need a professional audio and or video conferencing solution, a microphone system or a discussion system in your meeting room, board room or council room.

Here’s 5 compelling reasons why…

Televic Conference Hybrid Meetings Formal Meetings

Reason #1

User-friendliness anywhere, anytime

The time when everyone was always working in the same place is over. Today’s meetings are often digital or hybrid. Hybrid is when some of the participants are in the room and other join the discussion remotely. In these kinds of scenarios, you need an adequate conferencing solution to make sure everyone can hear and be heard, see and be seen, and share information. The right solution combines the best of worlds: conference units in the meeting room, seamlessly integrated with an online meeting platform.

Televic Conference Hybrid Meetings Formal Meetings Decision making

Reason #2

Good order and good decision-making

In addition to sound briefings and agreements, having a professional conferencing system in place is key to maintaining a good meeting etiquette. We all know that meetings can sometimes turn into a bit of chaos when people start talking at the same time, some people dominate the discussion while other don’t get a chance to speak, and so on. This is even harder to manage in digital or hybrid meetings compared to physical meetings with everyone in the boardroom, meeting room or council chamber.

A digital conferencing system has built-in meeting management and moderation tools that enable the chairman to keep the reins tight. Speech timers, queuing lists, request-to-speak buttons and microphone management are only some examples of the possibilities to make meeting moderation easier.

Televic Conference Formal Meetings voting

Reason #3

Clear and secure voting

Tallying spoken votes or quickly counting raised hands are not the most accurate and professional way to conduct a voting, wouldn’t you agree? They are also not the most convenient solutions in terms of minute-taking and record keeping. Luckily, meeting technology comes to the rescue.

Conferencing solutions specifically developed for board and council meetings, such as Televic’s Confero Meet cloud platform and the Confidea Flex conferencing units, clearly display the voting topic at hand, facilitate digital voting at the push of a button and automatically display the voting results and generate exportable reports.

Televic Conference Formal Meetings Discussion System Recording Streaming

Reason #4

Recording and streaming

Transparency and remote public attendance are here to stay. This is especially the case for city councils and similar local government bodies. Recording or even live-streaming of council meetings is a good and widely adopted practice to bring local decision-making closer to the citizens.

To do so, you obviously need a conferencing system that is up to the task of delivering pristine audio and high-quality video. Additional features such as automated speech-to-text record keeping are the cherry on top of the cake.

Televic Conference Formal Meetings Discussion System Simultaneous Interpretation

Reason #5

Simultaneous interpretation

Did you know that during European Parliament meetings, every intervention by a member is simultaneously translated in 27 different languages? Image making such a thing possible without an advanced discussion system that seamlessly integrates the interpreting booths with the overall audio and meeting management system.

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