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Engineer – Software

Izegem, Belgium

Televic develops, manufactures and installs top end high-tech communication systems for specific niche markets. A financially independent and stable group, Televic is divided into divisions that each focus on their specific market: 

Televic Rail: passenger information systems and on-board control systems for trains
Televic Healthcare: communication systems for healthcare
Televic Conference: conference systems for large venues 
Televic Education: multimedia and e-learning solutions for staff training and educational institutions

Televic creates added value for its customers by developing custom-made solutions and by continuously innovating at the cutting edge of technology. With headquarters in Belgium and offices and plants across Europe, Asia and the US, Televic employs over 1000 people worldwide.

About Televic Education

Televic Education is a world leader in the development of research-based solutions that help solve training, quality, certification, accreditation, permanent evaluation and collaboration challenges in many different industries. The combination of our in-depth knowledge of specific sectors with scientific research has enabled us to create innovative solutions and to build long-term relationships with our clients that range from governments, educational institutions, hospitals as well as corporates.


assessmentQ is a digital exam platform developed and maintained by Televic Education. 250+ customers are using assessmentQ for organizing online and digital (practice) exams.

Our platform offers users the option to grade their exams, however, grading open questions proves to be very timeconsuming. To assist graders in this task, we aim to create a system that automatically evaluates these questions based on a predetermined model answer or scoring rubric. This system will not only assess the answers but also generate helpful feedback, aiding graders during the evaluation process.

The end goal of this project is two-fold:

  • A first part that will assess the question answer based on a model answer or scoring rubric
  • A second part that will provide personalized feedback based on the answer and what the expected outcome is.


  • Level: Academic Master, Bachelor, Master
  • Specialty: AI / Machine Learning, IT, Software
  • Type of work: Research: 30% Implem.: 40% Experim.: 30%
  • Location: Televic, University
  • Type of activities: Experimenting, Implementation, Literature study, Programming
  • Number of students: 1 or 2


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