INTERNSHIP - Research and create educational datasets for AI/ML purposes

Engineer – Software

Izegem, Belgium

Televic Education

Televic Education is a world leader in the development of research-based solutions that help solve training, quality, certification, accreditation, permanent evaluation and collaboration challenges in many different industries.

The combination of our in-depth knowledge of specific sectors with scientific research has enabled us to create innovative solutions and to build long-term relationships with our clients that range from governments, educational institutions, hospitals as well as corporates.


assessmentQ is a digital exam platform developed and maintained by Televic Education. 250+ customers are using assessmentQ for organizing online and digital (practice) exams.

assessmentQ gathers a huge amount of data (exercises and answers). This data is now gathered in a MongoDB warehouse (json documents) and needs a lot of preprocessing before it is useable for AI/ML purposes. To pro-actively handle this issue we would like you to transform our pool of data into a couple ready-to-go datasets. What you will do during this internship:

* Explore existing datasets with similar data to assessmentQ. What format do these datasets have? What size are these datasets? What are these datasets typically used for? …

* Analyze the assessmentQ data as a whole and find opportunities to create datasets similar to the ones you discovered.

* IMPORTANT: make sure the data is anonymized. Randomize person names, company names, emails, … . In short: make sure there is no personal data in the datasets you create.

If you are interested in this topic, please also register this on the Televic website at: so we can confirm the topic is still available.


  • Level: Academic Master, Bachelor, Master, PhD
  • Specialty: AI / Machine Learning, Software  
  • Type of work: Research: 30%, Implem.: 50%, Experim.: 10%
  • Location: Televic, University
  • Type of activities: Implementation, Literature study, Programming
  • Number of students: 1 or 2


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