Televic Tech Day 2021

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On October 19, 2021, Televic organized it’s third Tech Day. The program of this bi-annual event consisted of a mix of case studies and interesting key notes from technology leaders and innovation experts. It provided inspiration to take the Televic roadmap to the next level, keeping both innovation and the customer in focus.

The theme of Tech Day 2021 was “Digital Transformation”. This is not only about how we should develop, build, sell our products and services, but also – and mainly – about doing R&D and business in a world that is transforming faster than ever before. A combination of speakers from both a commercial and technical context came to inspire the Televic audience on the new digital reality we live and act in.

We interviewed all our guest speakers during Tech Day and they gave very interesting insights as well as specific lessons for Televic. 

Get inspirid by some thought provoking ideas and information shared throughout the event. 

Rudy Moenaert | TIAS 

Prof. Moenaert explained what we can learn from our customers: from what they are saying or even not saying.  

"Why is it so difficult today to implement digital transformation?"

Karlien Vanden Eynde | Microsoft 

This presentation of Karlien targeted business decision makers and framed Microsoft’s strategy, vision and investments in making artificial intelligence available to every employee to use in ways that are relevant and meaningful. We also learned how organizations are using AI today across common scenarios and got a glimpse into the innovation trends that are becoming game changers in how AI is developed moving forward. 

"What is a barrier for innovation in many companies?"

Luc Van Den Hove | CEO imec 

Luc Van Den Hove came to tell Televic how the “new world, full of digital transformations” changed his company during the previous years. 

"Is the future in hardware or software?"

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